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Katy ISD Announces Bad Weather Make-Up Days

"Texas weather has not been kind and continues to bring many challenges to our community. Due to the wintery conditions that caused the District’s closure last Tuesday and Wednesday, we need to alert you to a change to our 2017-18 Instructional Calendar," Katy ISD Communications


January 24, 2018

Posted by Ashley Lancaster

From Katy ISD Website "As you may know, Katy ISD, along with all Texas school districts, is required by state law to have 75,600 minutes of instructional time built into its calendar each year.

While the Texas Education Agency (TEA) granted our district a waiver for missed instructional time this past fall as a result of Hurricane Harvey related closures, the District has been informed that waivers will not be provided for last week’s bad weather days.

We recognize that this may be an inconvenience for some families, and we apologize ahead of time for that. Just as we must meet the requirements of the law, it is also just as important that we are in a position to ensure that we can effectively achieve our mission to provide educational excellence and opportunities that prepare our students for success in college, career and life. With that said, having our students in school to grow and learn is of the utmost importance. As always, your understanding and support is greatly appreciated."

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