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Katy ISD Elects Champagne, Fox, and Approves Bond


May 1, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

An Election Day down pour didn’t detour voter turnout as Katy residents made their way to the polls to say ‘yes’ to all proposed propositions of the bond and two positions on the Board of Trustees.

Two Board Positions Elected

It was a rainy day for the Katy ISD’s General Election, but the day ended well for Rebecca Fox and Dawn Champagne who won Position 6 and 7 respectively on the Katy ISD Board of Trustees.

"Thank you to Katy for supporting me and believing in me," says Rebecca Fox. "The Katy ISD community has given so much to me. To be able to serve them and give back to them is a great joy to me."

This will be Champagne’s second term on the Board, and she was recently elected as the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) director TASB. She won with a total of 5,766 votes.

Fox previous served on the Board from 2004-2019. She won with a total of 3,002 votes.

New Bond Passed

The 2021 proposed Katy ISD bond and all four of its propositions passed as well.

The proposed 2021 bond package was developed by the Community Bond Advisory Committee (CBAC) and includes the following propositions:

  • Proposition A - New Schools, Renovations, Safety & Security and Building Component Replacements $591,368,568

  • Proposition B - Classroom and Campus Technology $59,755,242

  • Proposition C - Natatorium for High School #10 $13,842,610

  • Proposition D - Campus and District Athletic Facilities/Stadiums Repairs & Component Replacements $11,260,000

The District stressed leading up to Election Day that there would be “no change to the tax rate for Katy ISD taxpayers.” The fine print: “Residents’ tax rate does not change, though the length of time our community pays on existing & new school district debt is extended because the outstanding total has increased.”

Katy ISD can make all of the existing and new bond payments, with the $0.39 school district bond tax residents are currently paying.

The 2021 Bond Propositions include over 400 campus and facility projects, including five new schools and a transportation facility, major renovations and/or additions for seven existing campuses. safety and security improvements, component replacements that include chiller replacements, re-roofing and kitchen equipment, technology upgrades, and other projects.

May 17 is the next scheduled Katy ISD Board of Trustees meeting and will be when both Fox and Champagne start their three year term.

"I look forward to the great work we’re going to do for students teachers and the community," says Fox.


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