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Katy ISD Offers American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Course


March 9, 2020

By Jennifer Miko

As the weather heats up, Katy residents head to the pools to cool off. To help promote safety for local swimmers, Katy ISD offers valuable weekend lifeguard training courses. Participants must be 15 years of age and older and be able to pass a prerequisite swim test set by the American Red Cross.

Many Katy residents have backyard pools, subdivisions feature community pools, and locally, Typhoon Texas welcomes guests to its waterpark. With all of these opportunities for aquatic activities, the need for lifeguards in the community has grown.

Valuable Lifeguard Course from Katy ISD

Katy ISD offers weekend lifeguard testing opportunities from March through May of this year. The district's Lifeguard Training Courses are formatted for blended learning. All videos and lectures must be completed online before the first day of "Skills Sessions." To complete the course and receive a certificate, participants must pass a written exam with 80% correct and pass skills test scenarios.

The American Red Cross lifeguard training teaches participants how to effectively prevent and respond to water emergencies. Participants who successfully complete the course earn the American Red Cross Lifeguard Certificate including CPR, First Aid, AED and Lifeguarding for a two-year period.

To access the American Red Cross Lifeguarding Manual, click here.

Enrolling in Katy ISD's Lifeguarding Course

  • Use the "Lifeguard Training Registration Form" found on the Katy ISD website here.

  • Pay the $200 registration fee with a check or money order, payable to Katy ISD.

  • Mail the registration form and check to:

Katy ISD Athletics

Sara Guthrie, Aquatics Coordinator at Legacy Stadium

1830 Katyland Dr.

Katy, TX 77493

​​A confirmation email will be sent back to the participant when registered. If the registration number does not reach at least six participants, the class will be cancelled.  The maximum number of participants is 12 per class.

Lifeguard Responsibilities

The American Red Cross recognizes that lifeguards must receive proper and effective training and regularly maintain their skills. They are charged with identifying hazardous situations and prevent injuries. Lifeguards must be able to supervise swimmers, enforce rules and regulations, provide assistance and perform rescues.

There are reportedly a half million American Red Cross-trained lifeguards working at swimming pools, waterparks and waterfronts across the United States.

The American Red Cross says, “Every day on the job, these lifeguards are part of a critical force for good - ensuring the safety of patrons and protecting lives.”

For more information on the Katy ISD Lifeguarding course, call Sara Guthrie, Aquatics Coordinator, at 281-396-7779 or via email at


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