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Katy ISD Prepares Families for Back-To-School


August 9, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy ISD students return to school (virtually) on August 19 and the District has launched weekly communications to help families get ready for the new academic year. The latest information includes how families will be notified if there is a positive COVID-19 test reported at their campus.

Classes to Start as Scheduled

The district will start school as scheduled on August 19, but classes will start virtually based on the current Harris County recommendations. Students who opted out of Katy’s Virtual Academy will start in-person classes on September 8.

In order to most effectively manage communications, Katy ISD has committed to sending families a weekly newsletter with updates and information.

Technology Request/Check-Out

The deadline for families to sign up for Katy Virtual Academy (KVA) was extended but passed Friday night. Students participating in virtual learning, whether it will be through intermittent learning or KVA, can now apply to check out technology.

Of course students can use their own personal computers and/or devices but families who need technology can fill out a Student Device Checkout Request form. Drive-through device pick-up will take place August 17 and 18. Students’ home campuses will communicate pick-up details for those who fill out the request form. Parents/students will be required to show their Katy ISD student IDs prior to device checkout.

Parent Input on Meals Requested

Katy ISD will continue to offer their “Grab and Go Meal Distribution Program” to students as they start back to school.

Katy ISD is requesting parent feedback on how they will handle student meals during the first three weeks during the start of KVA and intermittent learning. Parents will start to receive a food survey this weekend. The information will help the District best manage the resources to provide meals to Katy students.

“It is important that parents take a few minutes to participate in this survey, to better equip our service locations for the first three weeks of school,” says the District in their most recent weekly communication.

The meal service will be available to all students across 23 locations through the District during the first three weeks of classes. Parents who feel they qualify can complete the free/reduced cost meal form.

COVID-19 Reporting System

Katy ISD has put into place a COVID-19 Reporting System for staff, students, and parents to self-report if they receive a positive COVID-19 test. This system will allow the District to conduct contact tracing and notify anyone who may have been exposed.

In the event of any positive test reporting, a general email will be sent to any campus staff and families alerting them to potential exposure to the virus in their building.

The same alerting system will be implemented for the teachers and staff who have returned to campuses to prepare for the new academic year. Parents will not receive any such email, if necessary, until after in-person learning has resumed on September 8.

Adopt a Katy Teacher

A Facebook group has been started by Katy parents to show their support to Katy ISD teachers by “adopting” them for this school year.

“Now more than ever, our teachers need to know that we appreciate them and value them. They are needed,” says the group.

The group encourages teachers to share their bios on the page and then parents can comment by saying, “Adopted.” Parents who have chosen a teacher might show their appreciation through notes, gifts, supplies, etc. during 2020-21 school year.

Adopt a teacher and show appreciation here.


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