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Katy ISD Campus UPDATE: Preparing for the Return of Students

KATY MAGAZINE - Katy, Texas News September 5, 2017

An update from the district on affected campuses and needed repairs.

Sixteen Katy ISD schools were impacted by flooding that took place last week in the surrounding neighborhoods. Two district campuses, Creech Elementary and Beck Junior High, saw more extensive damage than other campuses. While Bear Creek Elementary sustained minor water intrusion. The damages and repairs include:

Beck Junior High The campus is being assessed by operations crews and is being evaluated and remediated for damage due to water intrusion through the building’s roof, skylights and a construction site within the building. Mechanical and electrical systems, as well as air quality and mold testing, are being conducted throughout the building. These tests will determine if the school is ready to reopen on Monday, September 11.

Creech Elementary Operations crews have begun the building assessment, which includes air quality/mold testing and a number of other safety reviews. Conditions near and around the campus have prevented our crews from fully assessing the building. Katy ISD is working on a plan to relocate students and staff and will notify families of the alternate campus site by the end of the day on Wednesday, September 6.

Bear Creek Elementary The campus sustained minor water intrusion within the building. Operations crews are testing mechanical and electrical systems to ensure a safe return for students and staff. Evaluation and repairs to the damaged structure are expected to be completed by the end of the week, in time for the return of students on Monday, September 11.

The safety of our students and staff returning to their campus is our number one priority. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. Parents and staff will be updated as conditions evolve and new information is received.

Courtesy of Katy ISD


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