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Katy ISD Superintendent Message Addressing Recent Changes

This afternoon, Katy ISD Superintendent Dr. Lance Hindt, released a video today titled “Dr. Hindt Message: Update on 2018-2019”. The video was emailed and can be found on Youtube (click here).


March 8, 2018

by Jennifer Skelton

In this message, Dr. Hindt addressed some of the major changes that have been announced over the past month regarding the new multi-bell system that will begin 2018/19 and the elimination of the Two Way Immersion Program.

Multi-Bell Changes

Katy ISD is adding 2,500 students per year along with new schools. Currently there are five high school/junior high campuses that release at the same time. Starting next year, this congestion will be alleviated by the new junior high bell schedule. Katy ISD understands that this new later start time could cause some difficulty for parents to get their children to school before they leave for work so they are adding an "Early Drop-Off" for the junior high campuses. Some after school programs will be moved to the morning before school starts. Both of these changes are still in the planning stage. Details will be released soon. For more information, you can visit the Katy ISD website. (click here)

Two Way Immersion (TWI) Changes

Although Katy ISD is phasing out this program, they are exploring other options to offer the immersion program to all elementary students that want to participate. Currently, the program serves less than 1% of elementary school children with a lottery system giving priority to siblings of children currently in the program. In turn, many children are left out.

Katy ISD offers other language programs such as the "One Way Bilingual Program", "English as a Second Language (ESL)" and secondary foreign language programs.

Katy ISD's #1 priority is the future success of all students.


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