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Katy ISD Votes to Expand Control Better Serving Students


January 25, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy ISD approves a new 2022-2023 District of Innovation (DOI) Plan that will better serve the 89,000 students in the District. The plan also expands local control from State plans.

Katy ISD Approves their own District of Innovation Plan

For the past five years, Katy ISD has followed a state-designated DOI that has allowed Texas Education Code provisions such as the school start date, teacher certification and the designation of campus behavior coordinators.

“Through the DOI process, we were able to compile a plan that focused on the educational needs of our students and its staff members in alignment with Katy ISD’s vision and mission statements, and its beliefs and goals,” says Sherri Ashorn, Discipline and SHARS Administrator.

At last night's Board Meeting the District approved their own plan that they stated better serves the 89.000 students that Katy ISD serves.

New Elements Help Families Visiting Colleges

By approving their own DOI. Katy ISD has added the following elements to existing exemptions:

  • Student Suspension

  • Attendance for Class Credit or Final Grade

  • Excused Absences (Related to College Visits)

The last one related to college visits will greatly help high school families working to make big academic decisions.

These newly approved plans go into practice next academic year.

The 44th Elementary Get a Name

Also, at the regular Board Meeting last night, January 24, the board unanimously approved the name of the District’s 44th elementary school as being the Steve and Elaine Robertson Elementary.

The Robertsons join a long line of great Katy ISD school legacies. Robertson Elementary will open next academic year in the Cane Island development.

Steve & Elaine Robertson Elementary was unanimously approved as the name for the District’s 44th elementary school.


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