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Katy Lacrosse Teams Get Field of Dreams

KATY MAGAZINE NEWS March 2, 2020 By Ali Litton

A new, permanent lacrosse field has been established in the Cross Creek Ranch neighborhood providing Katy-area kids the opportunity to play and watch the fastest-growing sport in the nation.

Photo: Dave Grice, Grice Photography

Lacrosse in Katy Area

Even though lacrosse is considered the fastest growing sport in the United States, developing and growing the sport in the Katy area has been a slow-moving process. One of the biggest contributing factors - the lack of dedicated practice space.

Now, thanks to the Katy Cavalier Lacrosse Club and Johnson Development in the Cross Creek Ranch (CCR) neighborhood, there is a local “field of dreams” available. Such a field brings even more visibility to the sport, allowing more kids to have the opportunity to witness and try a sport they may not have otherwise considered.

“(The field) has created a venue for us to host introductory programs to be offered to those brand new to the sport in our community.” says Rob Gambrell, President of the Katy Cavaliers High School Boys Lacrosse Club.

Learning About Life Through Sports

Long before the realities of adulthood, many kids find themselves learning about life on the field. Playing sports not only keeps youth out of trouble, it gives them a common goal. It is often where kids first learn how to deal with success and failure, working as a team, pursuing a dream with hard work, how to lose with pride, and how to win with dignity.

The field is where dreams are born and where victory is earned with preparation and determination. Katy Cavaliers Youth Lacrosse Club is working hard to share their passion for lacrosse with the Katy area and bring more kids to the field to learn more about the sport and life.

“Lacrosse has taught me the value of teamwork,” says Tompkins 11th grader and Cavalier player, Alexander Kumar. “When everyone on the team does their job and we work towards a common goal, we can achieve great things. And nothing is better than celebrating a hard-fought victory with your teammates.”

High School Teams

Located in Fulshear, off of 1093, some homes in the CCR subdivision are actually zoned to Katy ISD. While Tompkins High School is considered the home school of the Cavaliers, it is a club sport. Players attend other public schools - Cinco, Katy, Taylor, Fulshear - and private schools in the area. Starting next year, Jordan High School students will also have the opportunity to play with the Cavaliers.

The new CCR field will be the home of all preseason practices and all weekend practices during the season.

Neighborhood Amenity

While the CCR lacrosse field is used by the HS Boys Cavaliers, HS Girls Cavaliers, youth clinics and individual players, the field is considered a CCR amenity. Other teams, with CCR resident players and residents, are free to reserve it.

“The field has brought lacrosse to our kids’ fingertips and has created an awareness in our community that lacrosse is a fantastic option for girls and boys to play at the youth, high school and college levels,” says Gambrell.

For more information on the Katy Cavaliers Lacrosse Club, visit their website here.


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