Katy Mom Finds Daughter’s Gravesite Items in Dumpster at Magnolia Cemetery


June 3, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

Two-year-old Naomi Grace Mollon died last year in a drowning accident at a Katy home. The community came together to support the Mollon family through this tragedy, and now, they are rallying behind them again. This week, the family discovered their daughter’s graveside memorial items tossed in a dumpster at Katy’s Magnolia Cemetery. They are outraged, but once again, find love and support from the community.


Naomi Mollon's grave at Magnolia Cemetery. Photo courtesy of Jessica Mollon.

Naomi Mollon’s grave at Magnolia Cemetery is frequently visited by her family and friends. Since the little girl’s burial, the Mollons have left items around her grave. Yesterday, Naomi’s aunt went to visit and was horrified to see all of the memorial items were gone.

Magnolia Grounds Maintenance Reaches Out (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Chris Henderson with ground maintenance at Magnolia Cemetery reached out to Katy Magazine and confirmed that certified letters went out to families that were in violation of their contracts giving them 30 days to remove unauthorized items.

“We want to help both sides here,” says Henderson. “We are good caring people. This is our livelihood but we are trying to go above and beyond to help them.” Henderson says he understands that families don’t always remember or read the contracts they sign during times of grief which is why Magnolia Cemetery took the time to send individual certified letters, giving families in violation 30 days notice to remove their sentimental items.

Henderson states that this is an ongoing process and letters will continue to go out as they cleanup different sections.

Certified Letter Sent