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Katy National Charity League Star Chapter Honors 2022 Seniors


January 10, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

The National Charity League (NCL) Star Chapter in Katy will present their senior class of 2022 in an annual Senior Recognition Ceremony next week. The girls, alongside their mothers, have completed over 9,394 volunteer hours at 29 local charities in the last 6 years.

Photo credit: Kim Schaffer. Back row (L-R) Jasmine Xu, Sophia Reilly, Casey-Ray Willingham, Sofía Leos González, Kayla Smith. Middle row (L-R) Ainsley Robinson, Eve Alvarez, McClaine Daigle, Kathryn Lefevers, Piper Paratore, Grace Jorden, Angelica Perez, Alex Kainer, Ally McCollam, Jayden Polk, Brooke Alvarez, Taylor Chapman. Front row (L-R) Emma Reuber, Emma Davis, Sophia Martinez, Jensen Vann, Sadie Prothro Not pictured: Daniella Chetta

“The Class of 2022 has completed a six-year program designed to foster the mother-daughter relationship and empower today’s girls to become tomorrow’s leaders,” said Jill Sweeney, NCL, Inc., Star Chapter President.

NCL currently has four local chapters in the Katy area; Katy. Lady Bird Chapter, Star Chapter, Katy Chapter, and Azalea Chapter.

Over 9,000 Volunteer Hours

On Sunday, January 16, 2022, the NCL Star Chapter will honor the 23 members of their 2022 graduating class. For over the past 6 years the girls, along with their mothers have completed over 9,394.75 volunteer hours at 29 local charities.

29 Local Charities Served

The charities that they have served at include: The Westview School, Neighborhood KidZ Club, Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP), Interfaith Ministries (Meals on Wheels), The Ballard House, Katy Christian Ministries (KCM), Fort Bend Women's Center, The Krause Center, The Monty Ballard YMCA, Brookwood, Willow River Farms, and Texas Children’s Hospital.

In addition to service, NCL members hone their leadership skills by holding various positions organizing retreats and planning chapter-wide events. They also expand their cultural awareness by attending the ballet, the symphony, the opera and musical theater.

“It has been a pleasure to watch the girls grow into confident, young adults ready to embrace the world. We are very proud of them and who they have become,” says Sweeney.

The seniors to be honored are: Brooke Alvarez, Eve Alvarez, Taylor Chapman, Daniella Chetta, McClaine Daigle, Emma Davis, Grace Jorden, Alexandra Kainer, Kathryn Lefevers, Sofia Leos Gonzalez, Sophia Martinez, Ally McCollam, Angelica Nava-Perez, Piper Paratore, Jayden Polk, Sadie Prothro, Sophia Reilly, Emma Reuber, Ainsley Robinson, Kayla Smith, Jensen Vann, Casey- Ray Willingham, Jasmine Xu.

“Whatever they choose to do, we know they will be prepared to serve, lead, and be successful,” says Sweeney.

Members of the Star Chapter reside in Katy ISD. Learn more about NCL and the Star Chapter at their website.


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