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Katy Parents-To-Be Celebrate Triplets in Fun Seasonal Gender Reveal


By Natalie Cook Clark

Tamara and Patrick Heredia moved to Katy last year and have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from their new community. Last weekend, the couple hosted friends for a fun, Halloween-inspired gender reveal party to celebrate their triplets.

The Heredias celebrated with a seasonal Katy gender reveal.

Met in College, Reconnected Later

Tamara and Patrick met back in 2006 while attending Lamar University. They lost touch for some years but reconnected through social media. They married four years ago and have been trying to start a family ever since.

"I didn't think about being a parent until we started dating," says Patrick.

Not an Easy Road

"I have always wanted to be a parent," says Tamara. "I think there is the joy of seeing something we made grow, learn, have experiences and to watch them continue to be amazing."

"We went to a fertility clinic in Houston and they've been amazing," says Tamara. "We had month after month of nothing." Then the couple suffered an ectopic pregnancy. "It was pretty rough on us. After switching doctors and medications we quickly got pregnant. Much to our surprise it was triplets!"

A Gender Reveal for the Season

Recently the Heredias celebrated their triplets with a seasonal and fun gender reveal party. The triplets are due end of January or first of February and they are expecting two daughters and a son. The triplets are all fraternal. "Different little faces, for different little personalities is so exciting," says Patrick. (Click to watch video).

"I really love the fall and everyone around me knows this," says Tamara. "I wanted to have an intimate, yet unique gender reveal. It was also my first time ever carving pumpkins, my husband was shocked! I've been calling the babies my little beans, and it's been exciting to watch these little guys grow. We never could've dreamt we'd have three kids, let alone two girls and a boy."

From a Couple to a Family of Five

Patrick is the oldest of two children and comes from a tiny town in East Texas. He grew up riding horses and going on trail rides. He now practices photography and works on elevators.

"He's probably one of the handiest men I have ever known," says Tamara. In his free time he enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons and video games with his friends.

Tamara is the youngest of two children and grew up a military brat meaning lots of travel. She graduated from the University of Houston-Downtown with an English degree. She owns her own seamstress and cosplay costume company, Afro Qween.

"The cosplay community in Katy is definitely growing," says Tamara. "Tons of fellow cosplayers live out here, so craft nights have been a blast."

Just think of what she'll do with baby cosplay costumes!

Kids and Pets

The Heredias share their home with an array of pets. "We have a dog named Max, a cat named Peanut Butter, and a tortoise and a snake," says Tamara. "Our hands are quite full just with these guys, adding the three little ones to the mix is going to be quite the journey."

Getting Triplet Ready

Tamara and Patrick have been making baby purchases, planning out the nursery, reading, and talking to as many people as they can to help prepare for this next and big chapter in their lives.

"This entire process has been unexpected, scary, and at times overwhelming. The amount of love we have been shown and the amount of support we have found from our friends, family, and community has been extraordinary," says Tamara.

The couple has booked a cruise this fall for a "babymoon" before welcoming their babies in the beginning of the new year.

And the Names Are....

"Our friends, family, and community have been with us for these four years as we tried to build our family, and now here we are! I know that Audrey, Robyn and Marcel are going to be so loved," says Tamara, spilling the beans on the baby names. "They say it takes a village to raise a child well, looks like we've got the best village on our side."


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