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Katy Pole Vaulting Clinic Helps Athletes Raise the Bar


February 22, 2021

By Nithya Raghavan

Does your child want to master an Olympic sport and soar through the air over a 9-foot-tall bar? Katy Gymnastics and Sports Performance can get them started with their special pole-vaulting clinic.

Pole Vaulting Clinic

Katy Gymnastics and Sports Performance (KGSP) will give local athletes the opportunity to raise the bar at their pole-vaulting clinic Saturday, February 28 at 22570 Franz Road.

During the clinic, junior high and high school student athletes will learn about pole vault safety and rope vaulting, as well as skills to improve their vaulting walks and skill progressions.

1 - 2:30 p.m. - Beginner and junior high athletes

2:45 - 4:15 p.m. - Beginner and junior high athletes

4:30 - 6 p.m. - Advanced and high school athletes

Beginners and Advanced Pole-Vaulting Classes

KGSP remains the only athletic center in the Katy area to offer pole vaulting training.

During their classes, athletes will learn pole vault safety, rope vaulting, gymnastics skills training for pole vault, vaulting walk-through drills, skill progressions, speed training, take off training, and correct vaulting techniques.

The beginners-level class is geared toward brand new vaulters to anyone who has never cleared more than 9 feet, while advanced classes are geared toward vaulters working 10 feet and above.

For additional training opportunities, KGSP offers private lessons, open pole vault times and private group training, by appointment only.

Exciting Lineup of KGSP Classes

The center instructs little ones from 18-months-old through high school. KGSP’s amazing team of coaches specialize in different sporting events and train high school track and field athletes.

In addition to pole vaulting, KGSP students can register for tumbling, recreational and competitive gymnastics classes and cheerleading programs, plus home school gymnastics and physical education. KGSP also has morning boot camps, and adult gymnastics classes.

To learn more about the pole-vaulting clinic, or to register for classes at KGSP, visit their website here.


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