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Katy Resident Chases Bearded Burglar out of Garage in Oak Park Trails


January 10, 2019

by Ariana Pezeshki

Katy resident Carissa Graeter was sitting in a chair in her garage on Wednesday, January 9 at 9:30 a.m. when a bearded man entered the open garage, stole a gas blower, and ran away when he noticed her. Authorities need your help identifying the suspect. (Watch the video below.)

Help Identify Thief The burglary took place in broad daylight on Wittman Court in the Katy subdivision of Oak Park Trails. The resident says she did not see the man until he was leaving her garage with the gas blower.

Too Close for Comfort

The resident told Katy Magazine, "I was sitting in my garage in a chair and he came around the corner and walked right into garage and looked at my weed eater on the wall, but I think he then heard or saw me and just grabbed the blower and ran off. I chased him screaming then realized I was in my night gown," says the resident.

Suspect Description and Vehicle

The man was wearing a white hoodie, tan beanie cap, dark pants, and white and black tennis shoes. He’s got a full dark beard and mustache. He is estimated to be about 5’10 in height, with a medium build, and was driving a dark grey Hyundai SUV that is missing a front license plate.

See the video below of burglary taking place:

Video Evidence Collected

The incident was reported to Harris County Sheriff's Office who came to the scene file a report and collect two videos of the suspect. One of him entering the garage and another video of the car that was used to get away.

Recognize the Suspect?

If you have any information to help solve the crime, you may report it through the online crime tips page or call (281)463-6666.



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