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Katy Resident Witnesses Wild Turtle Laying Eggs in Neighborhood


April 25, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Katy resident was in for a surprise last week when a routine walk around her Katy neighborhood led to an encounter with a wild turtle laying eggs. She took video, pictures, and made sure the mother-to-be was safe.

Photo credit: Caroline Walker-Trulock

Katy Woman Encounters Wild Turtle Laying Eggs

Katy is home to many wild animals including Red-Eared Slider Turtles. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, these turtles are the most common aquatic turtles in Texas and are easy recognizable by the broad red stripe behind their eyes.

They lay eggs between May and July and can lay 2-30 eggs. The turtle that Caroline Walker-Trulock came across in Katy’s Lakemont subdivision was a little early in the season but fit the description of laying eggs around 200 yards from water.

Walker-Trulock was out for a routine walk when she saw the turtle appear to be digging right off a popular sidewalk in the neighborhood.

“A lot of times when people see a turtle, they try to relocate it to water but as I got closer, I felt that something else was going on here,” says Walker-Trulock, who quickly called a friend who was knowledgeable on wildlife.

Her friend confirmed Walker-Trulock’s belief that the turtle was about to lay eggs. She did another lap and when she came back around the turtle was laying eggs.

“I’m glad I didn’t just pick her up,” says Walker-Trulock, who watched over the turtle while taking pictures and video of the encounter.

Watch the Video

Video taken by Caroline Walker-Trulock

Turtle Packed in and Camouflaged Nest

“She really did a very good job of concealing the eggs,” who was initially concerned over the location but then felt better seeing how difficult it would be for anyone or any animal to spot the nest.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, the incubation time for Red-Eared Slider eggs is 50-60 days. The turtles will then hatch and head straight for water.

Like encountering most wildlife in Katy (or anywhere,) it’s best to leave turtles alone unless they are in danger. If you do feel that you need to move them be sure to Keep them going in the same direction.

Walker-Trulock took several pictures of the location to help her be able to spot the nest again. She plans to return close to the incubation time to keep watch for the babies.

“I’m really glad I reached out to ask someone who knew what to do,” says Walker-Trulock. “It’s best to leave them alone.”

Katy residents often come face to face with local wildlife. From bunnies, opossums, snakes, alligators, turtles, and more. This amazing encounter is just another reminder of how live amongst many creatures.


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