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Katy’s Wildcatter Saloon to Host Large Horror Market with Vendors, Food, Live Music and Celebrities


October 26, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy’s Wildcatter Saloon will host the largest Halloween and Horror Fest in the area this Saturday. Shop over 50 vendors, meet horror film celebrities such as Jason and Leatherface. The event is family friendly until after dark.

Katyites love concerts at Wildcatter Saloon. Photo credit: Justin Whitfield

20 years ago, this Halloween, Justin Whitfield moved to Katy from Dallas. He was lost and didn’t know what he was going to do next. Fast forward to March 2017 when he bought Wildcatter Saloon. Now he brings a wide range of events to Katy to both entertain and benefit the community who welcomed him.

“I was kinda lost and not sure what I wanted to do with my life and then I saw a post on the Bar Rescue Facebook Page,” says Justin Whitfield. “I came out to visit not planning to buy it.”

Well he did, and now he brings a variety of events to the popular Katy bar and entertainment venue. This Saturday, Wildcatter Saloon will host along with The Houston Horror Film Festival the Horror Market Pop-Up.

Actor Who Played Jason Has a Band

Last year he found out that Ari Lehman (the original Jason from Friday the 13th) had a metal band and he booked him to play a Halloween concert.

Ari Lehman singing last Halloween.

“The concert was such a hit, Lehman mentioned it to the Houston Horror Film Festival, and we got to talking,” says Whitfield.

This Saturday, October 30, Wildcatter Saloon in Katy will host the largest Halloween Fest around. Guests can shop from over 50 vendors from food, games, to collectibles.

Over seven horror celebrities will be there including the two celebrity hosts: Ari Lehman, the original Jason Voorhees and AJ Stoan, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw 3D.

The event is family friendly from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. After then, only guests 21 years and older can stay.

Whitefield loves Halloween. “I used to love to dress up and go to haunted houses with my friends. Now in the bar business I’m always here so I decided to bring the haunted house to me,” he says.

Whitfield started making a haunted trail earlier this month based off some of his favorite horror films.

The haunted trail will open up after 7:00 p.m. (because it’s no fun before dark,) where guests can navigate through a trail of horror that leads to a shack where they can meet “Jason” for an autograph.

Preview the Haunted Trail

Starting at 8:00 p.m. Ari Lehman’s band "First Jason" takes the stage followed by Schism, a Tool Tribute band, the only one recognized by Tool. At midnight Dj LEATHERFACE will open up the floor while wearing the Leatherface mask from the movie.

“As a huge Halloween fan, this event is going to be great,” says Whitfield. “For me it really represents where I am since it marks 20 years from when I moved to Katy.”

Whitfield is most excited about the shopping and taking his own children, ages 13 and 11. There will be horror film Pop Funko dolls, memorabilia, and more.

Entertaining and Benefiting the Community

Whitfield works to have Wildcatter bring in a variety of events to both entertain and benefit the Katy community.

On December 8 the Whosoevers Tour is coming to Wildcatter Saloon, an event that Whitfield hopes will help many.

“It’s not your typical rock concert,” says Whitfield. “It’s church, but not church. It’s about people sharing their stories and lifting one another up.”

It’s Brian Welch of Korn and Sonny Sandoval of POD.

“They’ve made a band/tour that is about God, hope, and turning your life around,” says Whitfield.

Tickets to Saturday’s Horror Market Pop-Up are $5. To get tickets or for more information visit the website.

Learn more about Wildcatter Saloon and their upcoming events.



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