Katy Teens Caught on Camera Ransacking and Partying in Cinco Ranch Home


JULY 26, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Katy resident, Tanikka Harris, says her Cinco Ranch home was broken into, ransacked, and burglarized earlier this month while the family was away on a long trip. The teens shared pictures and videos on various social media outlets of them partying, drinking, and modeling designer items they later stole. Surveillance cameras inside the home captured images of the teen burglars inside the home walking around. Although an investigation is underway, Harris is frustrated that no arrests have been made.

Snapchats of Her Home

Tanikka Harris has lived in the Pine Hills subdivision of Cinco Ranch for five years. On June 24, the family left for a combination business trip/vacation with plans of being gone most of the summer. On July 6, her 11-year-old son saw videos of a party at their house on Snapchat. "I learned from social media that my home was burglarized and vandalized," says Harris. "It's just crazy."

Teens Caught on Camera

On the home's video surveillance, six teens can be seen entering the residence from what looks to be a back door. Later around 30 teenagers were at the home having a party. At one point, an unknown adult male can be seen entering with what is believed to be alcohol. Due to the ages of the teens, we did not include the video. Those who know the teens claim one is as young as 13 years old.

According to Snapchat witnesses, a graphic was shared inviting friends to the home.

"These parents do not want their kids to be involved with this," says Harris. "One father offered to pay me a couple thousand dollars to keep his daughter out of this." Below: Teens Snapchat party video capture

According to Harris the teens stole:

  • Thousands of dollars in cash (prefers not to disclose exact amount)

  • All 32 of her designer handbags (includes some Louis Vuitton bags)

  • Most of her clothes and all her shoes

  • All her son's clothes and shoes.

  • All of her husband's designer jeans and shoes

Victim Expresses Frustration

Harris has stayed quiet until today. "I wanted to give the police time to do their work but so far no arrests have been made," says Harris. Now her friends are reaching out to social media and local