Katy Texas Homecoming Guide 2018

KATY MAGAZINE I October 2018

By Jennifer Lynn Greenway and Katrina Katsarelis

(Photo courtesy of Rebecca Fox)

For decades, Homecoming has been a fun-filled, festive Katy Texas tradition that teens, parents, and football fans always look forward to.

Here's your Katy guide to all the pageantry and many details of Homecoming Week: The game, the dance, the mums, and other must knows about Katy's favorite football tradition.


Gone are the days where a boy calls or asks a girl in person if she would like to go to the Homecoming dance. Creativity is key when it comes to asking your date, and Katy students have been know to decorate cars, use giant yard signs, set up scavenger hunts, and more. It's still most common for boys to ask girls. Even if a couple is already established, there is still a ceremonial "asking" to the homecoming dance. If you haven't asked your date yet, here are over 667 Pinterest ideas.

(Gizelle Caraballo says yes to Coleman Atkins. Lighted votives on her lawn.)

The Mum Tradition

If you just moved to Katy, you're in for a shock. The size and expense parents go to for mum decor can be alarming. Get ready to spend $50-300 depending on the grade level and gender of the mum recipient. (Boys spend much more buying mums for their dates than girls). Usually freshmen and sophomore girls are given a single mum in the school color, juniors get a double mum in silver, and seniors get a triple mum in gold.

The bigger and gaudier the mum, the happier a girl will be. A senior girl's mum can literally be larger than she is after all the trinkets and treasures are added. The finished mum will include 1-3 huge flowers (silk has now replaced real), LOTS of ribbons, charms, bows, bells, cowbells, stuffed animals, perhaps the high school mascot, LED lights and even music in some cases! Guys are given a smaller version of the mum, called the garter. The garter is worn around the arm and is much less elaborate and expensive. You can make your date’s mum yourself or you can purchase from your school’s band or other booster club who frequently sell mums as fundraisers. There are many custom options and add-ons you can purchase to completely personalize your date’s mum. (Don't forget to enter Katy Magazine's MEGA MUM Contest for a great prize pack. Details below).


At some point before game day, couples will meet at a designated place to exchange their mums as parents feverishly snap photos. Sometimes students will meet in their pre-planned homecoming groups for photos on mum exchange day, but there is always a designated formal mum exchange ritual.


DAY OF THE GAME - For Homecoming game day, it's casual. Spirit wear and jeans, or overalls to hold up their heavy mums. Overalls or jeans are frequently decorated in school spirit colors and sayings. The sound of hundreds of mum bells ringing through the high school halls in Katy can be deafening on homecoming game day.