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Katy Veteran Writes Poem to Honor 9/11 20th Anniversary


September 11, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Katy veteran and published poet wrote a poem of his thoughts on 9/11. Today marks 20 years since Katy and the world witnessed the unimaginable events of that day.

Hubert E. Cormier II, who most know as “Ernie,” is a Katy veteran of the Vietnam era. 20 years ago he watched in disbelief as the events of September 11, 2001 unfolded.

"Being a veteran, this incident touched me deeply,” says Cormier. “That our country could be attacked in this horrific way."

He’s member of American Legion Post 164 (past Commander) and Katy Elks Lodge 2628 (past Exalted Ruler.)

Cormier currently serves as Poet Laureate for both the Katy chapters of the American Legion and Katy Elks Lodge. He has also published two books of poetry.

He has written a poem titled “Patriot Day” for the 20th anniversary of September 11th.


Patriot Day © 2021 By Hubert E. Cormier II, Poet Laureate Our Nation awoke to a normal Tuesday, It started out as a bright, sunny day. But that was all taken away, In a most horrific way. A madman with filled with such delusion, Sent men who brought much devastation. Sent to our shores for retaliation, An did so with no justification. With evil in their hearts they came, Did so without any shame. Our Nation would never be the same, But our patriotic spirit, they could not tame. Our young President addressed the Nation that night, To console the masses filled with fright. He would do whatever to make it right, He resolved to go forth, to finish this fight. That night the masses would kneel, To pray for help for our Country to heal. To let the world know how we did feel, For our sanity, they could not steal. The masses started, without hesitation, To recover from this devastation. Did so with dogged determination, So to heal our damaged Nation. Next day young people answered the call, Ready to stand firm, to stand tall. They would not let their Nation fall, Against our enemies, against them all. Engraved at a memorial is each victim's name, Their loved ones' lives will never be the same. We need to stop these attacks from whence they came, And our Nation's security, we must reclaim. In a museum are mangled artifacts, Displaying the horror form these attacks. The madman responsible for these acts, Had to be found, we could not relax. Finally, with dogged determination and might, We captured the madman on a darken night, Buried at sea at an unknown sight, Mission over, we finished the fight. It has now been twenty years, Our Nation has faced so many fears, Has cried so many tears But now, solemn tears, with solemn cheers. As the years go by, we'll always remember, This new Day of Infamy, The 11th of September.


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