Katy Victim Advocate Wants Residents to Act Ahead of Special Session to Address Violent Bond Release


July 6, 2021

Updated story

By Natalie Cook Clark

Houston's homicide rates have increased 35% over this last year, a startling fact a Katy Victims Advocate says should have people mad and contacting their state representatives and senators ahead of Governor Abbott’s Special Session.

Bill to Help Bail Bond Reform Awaits Special Session

Texas, especially Harris County in Katy, is experiencing a bail reform crisis that Governor Greg Abbott made a priority this legislative session. House Bill 20 was written to address this issue, but it didn’t pass when House Democrats walked out in attempt to not pass a voting restrictions bill. In the process some bills, such as HB 20 and issues that should have made it through the legislative session didn’t.

“The system is broken,” says Andy Kahan, Director of Victims Services and Advocacy for Crime Stoppers of Houston. “I’ve never seen a situation this severe.”

Special Session this Week and How You can Help

"The time to make our city and county safer through bond reform legislation has come," says Kahan. "I’m asking for your help."

The Special Session is scheduled to start this Thursday, July 8. Now is the time for Katy residents to let their voices be here.

Kahan is asking people to sign their document in support of the bills that would help put an end to the current bail release crisis. Access the document to view (and sign)