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Katy Woman Reunited with Dog After Missing for Over a Year


November 28, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

A year and a half ago, Gizzy the beloved Yorkie to a Katy woman went missing. Her owner never lost hope and was thankful to start the holiday season with the best phone call and reunion!

Teresa Rublesh is reunited with her beloved Yorkie, Gizzy after she went missing a year and a half ago. Photo credit: Teresa Rublesh.

Missing Over A Year and a Half

On June 10, 2021 Katy resident Teresa Rublesh in Westfield Village had contract workers working in her backyard. At around 5:15 p.m. that evening they left the gate open and her two dogs got out. She immediately went out to find her rescue mutt but her 8-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Gizzy was gone.

Rublesh launched a search that included posting posters and flyers, call local vets and shelters and a social media campaign all in the hope of finding Gizzy, who was microchipped.

“I was like, this isn’t real,” says Teresa Rublesh. “I was terrified. I didn’t know if she had been taken or if a chicken hawk or coyote had gotten her.”

Neighbors all check doorbell and security cameras and no one saw her go by their homes when she should have been seen. Rublesh believes that she was picked up just outside her gate. Around the same time, another family had someone attempt to take their Yorkie from their front yard.

“My sister gave her to me when she was a puppy after my beloved dog died,” says Rublesh. “I used to walk around with her in my housecoat pocket. She was that small.”

Gizzy with her favorite toy that Rublesh kept.

Fast forward to last Wednesday. A doorbell camera picked up a small dog scratching at the front door of a Katy home. The family found a little Yorkie with a collar and no tags. They took her to a local vet who scanned her microchip.

“I think I was in shock when I got the call,” recalls Rublesh, who had sense moved away from Katy. She immediately made arrangements for her old roommate to get to Gizzy and she made plans to drive in.

When found, Gizzy was groomed and had a collar on. Someone has had her all this time. They never changed the information on the microchip and since no one called until last week, it’s assumed that she was never scanned.

Rublesh wants this story to give hope to Katy families who may also be missing a beloved pet. She never gave up hope and after a year and half apart, she was reunited this weekend with Gizzy.

“She came running to me and hasn’t left my side,” says Reblesh. “She needs to get used to her brothers. They are puppies and are just aggravating her.” Rublesh still has Scrappy Doo, her rescue who was Gizzy’s bestfriend but she has since added three dogs to her family.

Never Lose Hope; Microchip Your Pets

“Make sure that your dogs are microchipped,” advises Rublesh. “I wish Texas was as good as other states at scanning dogs at all vet offices.”

Gizzy appears to be in good health aside from losing a little weight and according to Rublesh having a poor grooming job around her face. Initially she thought that Gizzy had been bred but now she says that she hasn’t had puppies.

Gizzy is enjoying her time back with her family and just in time for the holidays.


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