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KATY DEBUTANTES: Presenting National Charity League's Class of 2018

The National Charity League is a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development, and cultural experiences. These members have logged thousands of volunteer hours assisting a wide variety of organizations from hospitals and underprivileged children to nursing homes and cancer survivors. There are currently four NCL chapters in Katy. Lady Bird Chapter, Star Chapter, Katy Chapter, and Azalea Chapter.

KATY MAGAZINE | February 2018 By Ginny Ebben Photography Courtesy of Katy NCL Chapters

Lady Bird Chapter 2018 Seniors

Front Row L to R: Ana Moore, Claire Gabriella Olivas, Hannah Rose McCarty, Shreya Dhutia, Alexandra Nicole Kyser, Madison Leigh Orillion, Sabrina Wilson Photo courtesy (Kim Schaffer)

Back Row L to R: Kalyn Olivia Roxburgh, Elizabeth Heintz, Sarah Kay Harvey, Taylor Jordan Kramer, Sabrina Elizabeth Allard, Eshna Manish Parikh, Briana Nicole Hilligiest, Lauren Ronaghan, Kylie Jo Hofmeister, Alanna Ksenia Ganz, Brooke Michelle Bigott, Carly Sara Herbert.


About Lady Bird Chapter

The National Charity League, Inc. Lady Bird chapter was formed in 2010 and is centered on serving others in need with a special emphasis on charities involving children such as: American Cancer Society, Ballard House, Habitat for Humanity and many others. Visit


Star Chapter 2018 Seniors

Front rows L to R: Maddie Cotton, Victoria Gimenez, Layla Gutierrez, Hannah Garcia, Brooke Dumas, Kiersten Henley and Kelsey Joe.

Back Row L to R: Lillian Costley, Kate D’Agostino, Sydney Bryant, Vivian Lipp, Kayla Huisman, Makenna Munger, Nicole Bourgeois, Tori Volan, Sophia Schimmenti, Dori Mallinger, Emma Struble, Madison Hanning, Kaitlyn Sheroke, Rachel Courtney, Holly Ayers, Katherine Everhard, Kaylee Scott and Lauren Plummer. Photography by Nikki Guest

About Star Chapter

Founded in 2003, Star Chapter currently has more than 200 members and serves almost 30 local philanthropy partners. In addition to serving their community these ladies hone leadership skills and developing cultural awareness by planning and attending educational meetings, chapter-wide events, socials, class retreats and cultural events that included the ballet, opera and theatre. Visit


Azalea Chapter 2018 Seniors

Front Row L to R: Ema Rhea, Amy Rhea, Maris Baughman

Middle Row L to R: Ashley Nighswander, Abby McKasle, Nykol Pratt, Audrey Pennington, Laura Campbell, Lindsey Mumey, Payton Hanks.

Back Row L to R: Alexis Champagne, Ella Vincent, Paloma Ames-Zuniga, Abby Bender, Amanda Saxman, Emma Bordeaux, Claire Fortier, Devan Andres, Bailey Gatz, Jordyn Jones Photo credit: Nikki Guest Photography

About Azalea Chapter

Founded in 1999, The Azalea Chapter of NCL, Inc. currently has more than 300 members and serves almost 30 local philanthropy partners. Visit


Katy Chapter Seniors 2018

Front Row L to R: Amanda Hampton, Meghann Schneider, Madison Crofton, Meredith Bretting.

Second Row L to R: Madi Newman, Caroline Mally, Halen Beisert, Lexie McGrievy, Mary Claire Crain.

Back Row L to R: Dana Bretting, Hannah Stevens, Anna Husmann, Eden Boudreaux, Alanna Larkin, Abby Shorter, Brooke Evans, and Christina Darby. (Photo Courtesy of See What Develops)

About Katy Chapter

The Class of 2018 has contributed over 5300 volunteer hours to local philanthropies – including American Cancer Society, ARC of Katy, The Ballard House, Brookwood Community, Citizens of Animal Protection, KVPAC, and Texas Children’s Hospital to name a few. The chapter believes that the experience of giving back to others helps to strengthen the mother-daughter relationship and sets the stage for a successful future. Visit

How to Join NCL

NCL, Inc. is a sponsorship organization, in which a Prospective Member must be sponsored by a current member of the Chapter she wishes to join. Membership opportunities are dependent on Chapter openings and its membership selection process. The membership selection process occurs one time each year.

If you're interested in starting a Katy Chapter, click here.


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