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Mystery Roses & Champagne on Morton Road Baffles Katy


May 12, 2018

Ashley Lancaster

Do you know the answer? From a powerful love spell to a touching tribute, Katyites are guessing the meaning of the roses, wine, and beautiful gifts mysteriously left on a country road north of Katy.

A Mother's Day Weekend mystery has come to light after drivers spotted a display of long-stemmed red roses, champagne, and perfume on a golden platter in the middle of Neuman/Stalknecht Road near Morton Road.

Theories on what it could mean are swirling on social media that include remembrances, witchcraft, and more , but the question still stands - what are they for?

Check out some of the theories and let us know if you can solve this Katy Mystery!

Map Posted by Donna P. on Community Facebook Page

Tribute to a Lost Loved One

Many people believe it's a tribute to a mother or wife lost in car accident ahead of Mother's Day.

"A couple of old google map photos shows a cross in the field just behind the double arrow street sign. I'm curious to hear this story as well," B. H.

To me it looks like s memorial to a beloved partner who passed away. Likely a wife or bride to be. 2 glasses of Champaign, roses and other gifts of red....touches my heart and makes me sad for the one left grieving," C.S.


"I manage spirituality and it seems like an 'amarre', it’s a kind of witchcraft, for the beyond, not in this life. It is not good that, don’t touch it!!!!!! No reason to touch it!!!. I recommend not to go through that street. If someone destroy that, with the car or in any way, is very bad." S. O.

"It’s not a memorial for a mother or a son, definitely it’s witchcraft. The red candles, the apple, the ribbons over the candle, everything are witchcraft things," S. O.

"As heartfelt as I think I'd like to believe my gut tells me this is witchcraft. I am waiting for someone to chime in. The ribbon around the apple is concerning," M.C.

A Spiritual Offering

"Looks like an offering to La Santa Muerte," T. D.

Do you know what it means? Email us!


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