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Rockets Chris Paul Makes Surprise Visit to Paetow High School


November 18, 2018

Natalie Cook Clark

Houston Rockets point guard player Chris Paul made a surprise visit to the first varsity basketball pep rally at Paetow High School on Friday. Paetow High School was chosen by Chris Paul as the only campus in the greater Houston area to sponsor shirts for the students marking the beginning of the first PHS Varsity Basketball program.

Before surprising students at the pep rally, Paul spent time with the varsity boys’ basketball team to present them with new Chris Paul basketball shoes. They players got to participate in a three-point challenge, a picture opportunity, receive a unique Paetow shirt but perhaps the highlight was Paul's inspiring words.

“A lot of times people forget that I went to school just like them. I went to high school, college and I played junior varsity,” said Rockets Player Chris Paul. “I was so driven. I understood that none of this things came without school work, so it’s a partnership,” added Paul.

"Having someone like Chris come surprise the students, faculty and staff at Paetow was really something and not just because he is a great player but he is a great person," said Paetow Basketball Coach Darrell Hawkins. "I was just overly excited and happy for them to have this experience."

The visit was coordinated by the Chris Paul Family Foundation, which the point guard player and his family established in 2005, with the purposed of positively impacting individuals and families in education, sports and life. The foundation provides resources that enrich and strengthen healthy development of strong communities.

Chris Paul’s visit is part of a continual relationship with the school which started last year when basketball players attended a Rockets game and had the opportunity to hear Paul speak in the Rockets practice gym.

Paetow is the newest of the Katy ISD's high schools and this is the first year that the school has had a varsity basketball team. They lost their first home game this season but Coach Hawkins is hopeful for their future. "They played great, we're getting there. It is a process. This is a young team with great players who have been given a great opportunity. They are young and passionate and I'm confident that we will eventually become a team that can make our school and community proud out on the court."


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