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Social Media Movement Strives to Reunite Katy


May 30, 2018

By Jennifer Skelton

Katy Unites celebrates Katy ISD by using social media avenues to tell positive, encouraging stories.

(Teachers at Kilpatrick show support for Katy Unites)


Katy Unites began as a conversation between community members in mid-May, when people felt that an anti-Katy ISD movement created controversy and attracted negative, national media attention." People felt it was time stop the cycle of untenable, counter-productive, and aggressive conversations. The group felt that, the use of anger and personal attacks to address bullying only increased the bullying exponentially .

"The cycle just had to stop, so we decided to try something different", says community member and group co-organizer, Melissa Nixon.


In order to be successful, Nixon and other co-founders knew it was important to have a clear vision and goal for the group. Some of their goals include:

  • Celebrate the people and programs in Katy ISD that are making a positive difference.

  • Inspiring others

  • Create an environment that encourages creative, productive talks to address the challenges in Katy ISD.


There is not an "official" membership to join. Interested persons only need to follow the group on one of their social media avenues...Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a website (still under development). The group has periodic face-to-face meetings to organize the direction of the group and plan for the future. Meeting information can be found on Facebook. Katy Unites states "We welcome anyone in our community who wants to help celebrate our successes to join Katy Unites."

Katy Unites plans to be a consistent and permanent movement celebrating and sharing moments in Katy ISD and the love many community members have for the #1 district in the Houston area.

"The focus is to put more energy and power in our successes because we believe a positive focus encourages positive results," says Nixon.


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