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Stray Kitten Survives Ride in Car Engine from Katy to Downtown Houston


July 3, 2023

By Natalie Cook Clark

A stray kitten hitched a ride from Katy to downtown Houston in the engine of a resident’s vehicle. The Katy man was surprised and relieved that the kitten was unharmed.

A Katy man was surprised to find a kitten in the engine of his car. The furry friend hitched a ride from his Katy home in The Courts to his job in Greenway Plaza on June 14, 2023.

“I was listening to an audiobook, going full speed down the West Park, when I heard a strange noise,” says Justin Bower. “I turned off the audiobook and listened but didn't hear anything more and assumed it was some weird ambient noise.”

Bower heard the sound again, but just as before the noise stopped when he tried to investigate. Then the clear meowing started to become more persistent and it seemed to be coming from his glove compartment.

“I was stressed trying to get off an get it out without it falling or being hurt before I could do so, since it had already survived 30 minutes + of the ride,” says Bower. He pulled over along Richmond and opened the hood.

“There, tucked into a back corner, balanced on a tiny shelf of metal, was a kitten staring at me,” says Bower. “I got it out, and it sat with me in my office all day.”

Extreme weather, either cold or hot, can force animals closer to residents. Katy, like the rest of the area, has been experiencing extreme heat. This can force stray and wild animals to seek shelter in covered patios, homes, garages, and even vehicles.

Animal experts stress the importance of checking on your pets always, but especially during extreme temperatures. Cats will seek shelter if they cannot get home.

Katy residents should always be mindful that animals could seek shelter from the heat. While Bower’s kitten was unharmed, a similar scenario could have resulted in serious injury to the cat or worse. To avoid a tragedy, follow these tips before driving off.

  • Try to park in a garage or cover your vehicle, this can help prevent a visitor.

  • Check under and around your vehicle.

  • Tap the hood of your vehicle and then listen.

Bower’s family fostered “Turbo” while trying to find his owner with no luck. One of Bower’s coworkers took in the kitten and he is happy and adjusting well to his new home.

“I'm still apologizing to my young daughters for, who fell in love with Turbo,” says Bower.


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