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Summer Courses and Tutoring Guide - July 2019


By Angie Waller

Does your Katy student need to be challenged this summer? Would tutoring in math, science or a language give your child an edge this fall? Sign them up for one of these amazing academic programs offered in Katy and keep them learning over the summer.



3522 S. Mason Rd.

Students build academic and test-taking skills with tutors who help them achieve success and stress just a little less. Their tutors provie homework help and college preparation by instilling confidence for ACT and SATs, as well as college essay support.

One-on-one and learning center tutoring options are available.

27278 Cinco Ranch Blvd.


Catch up or get ahead, and prepare for the best school year ever! Huntington will build – or reinforce – the skills needed to succeed in school: reading, writing, phonics, math and study skills.


Give them an edge, help improve their grades and prepare them for high school. Huntington provides individualized tutoring for students looking to catch up or get ahead. Instructors will help your student acclimatize to greater teacher demands, increased classroom difficulty, and expanded homework.


Grades, confidence and motivation really count in high school. If your teen is struggling due to grueling high school. curriculum or wants even better grades, Huntington can help. Regsiter now for tutoring in study skills, writing, math, and science.

24948 FM 1093


Eye Level Math helps improve problem-solving skills by enabling students to master concepts through a small-step approach.


Ages: 4 - 15

Eye Level Math helps learners cultivate problem-solving capabilities by improving their mathematical skills.


Ages: 3 - 5

Eye Level Play Math introduces mathematical concepts to early preschoolers.


Ages: 4 - 15

Eye Level English helps students master the English language while enhancing the four fundamental skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


Ages: 5 - 9

Eye Level Happy Talk is a speaking-oriented situational English program that keeps students entertained and motivated with various visual and activities.


Ages: 5 - 7

Eye Level English Sparks is a phonics program for young learners.

6920 S. Fry Rd

Book Boot Camp

This camp, for 4th – 8th graders, boosts their reading comprehension and writing skills.

23930 Westheimer Pkwy.

28818 Cinco Ranch Blvd.

Avoid the academic "Summer Slide"! Mathnasium is looking forward to giving your child a balance of learning and fun.



1319 Circle Lake Dr.

Join a French expeditionary team in search of some of the most mystical places. Legends or reality? Find the clues. Find the location. Find greatness and your place in history books. Ages 7 – 16

2501 S Mason Rd.

Learn Spanish, French or English in a small group or with private instructors.


SAT/ACT prep

27278 Cinco Ranch Blvd.

Now is the perfect time for sophomores, juniors, and seniors to prep for the SAT or ACT. With Huntington’s 1-1 tutoring, our students get dramatic score increases – it’s proven!!

6920 S. Fry Rd.

SAT Boot Camp

This program is for students who are ready for intensive test prep and want to maximize their SAT or PSAT score.

ACT Boot Camp

This ACT summer program is designed for students who are focused on scoring high on the summer or fall test.

22756 Westheimer Pkwy.

SAT prep taught by Dr. Pavlovich, who is a a highly respected educator that has served as both an admissions counselor and professor at major colleges/universities.

She knows the test; she knows what colleges are looking for; she has developed the most effective strategies for each test and she is committed to student success!


Drivers Ed

6193 Highway Blvd.

Chose from 5 different packages that fits your and your teens needs. Teens only become safe drivers by spending hours of time practicing in the car with a Certified Professional Driving Instructor. The SafeWay Advanced Pro Package fulfills the parental driving requirements and provides 37 hours of the utmost in professional driver training and includes our “No-Wreck” Guarantee*!

8945 S. Fry Rd.

Coach L’s Driving School offers an excellent driver education program for teenagers that surpasses the curriculum requirements of the Texas Education Agency. Students receive lessons from the same instructor throughout their driver’s education course. Every student receives instruction on the road and in the classroom.

21924 Kingsland Blvd.

Do you want to drive like a pro, but can't find the time to prepare for your learners permit test? Courtesy Driving School can help! Their classes are professionally prepared, thorough, and relevant to their customers' needs. Based in Katy, Courtesy Driving School provides on-line Driver Education courses that are clear and easy to learn.



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