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Suspect Arrested in Mason Road Drive-By Shooting Has Disturbing Social Media History


July 20, 2018

By Jennifer Skelton

Nicholas Dagostino, 29, has been arrested for the drive-by shooting on Mason Road of a Katy mom, who has asked not to be identified. She was driving to the car wash on Tuesday, July 10.

The Katy mom of two young children was shot in the arm. The bullet traveled through her body, where it still sits above her rib cage millimeters from her heart.

Police were able to pull surveillance video from a nearby business which resulted in a picture of the vehicle that they believed was responsible for the shooting. After two weeks, Dagostino, also of Katy, was arrested. The suspect lives less than a mile from where the shooting took place in the Cimarron neighborhood. He has admitted to 5 other shootings where he shot from his car and showed no remorse for the shooting.

Dagastino is claiming self-defense stating the victim swerved into his lane twice before he shot.

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Katy Magazine has a uncovered a disturbing past on the social media websites Facebook and Instagram that appear to be related to the suspect.

The Facebook posts are filled with profanity and hateful messages towards specific people and groups of people. Many of the posts are very hard to understand and are increasingly unstable over the past few months. His latest post from July 16 is below. (Katy Magazine removed the most offensive language)

"Or Andshe the Cop, be a smelly drug dealer suing a wallhacker kicker and losing, is flashing me, Dr. Dogwalker the Scary Bimbo-Tree Incinerator suing a brainless menstruating abortion (and winning) whose p**** was never slandered by my 405lb bench press. I, Cop known as Dr. Crackhead Shooter suing a Little D*** Allen with a reeeeeeally low IQ in Cullen Park where I drink her under the table, assault "the Mexican" with schizophrenia named "another severed low IQ rapist girlfriend online with the itchy green weakling named Sir Smelly the Pubescent Limpchested Pantywaist."

No, Mason the tranny does not get to smoke cigarettes next to James Peabels.

No, Andy is not tall. Or strong.

No, Little D*** Allen does not get to reproduce.

No, "German Cops" do not get to come out as public c******.

No, school shooters from scotland don't get to menstruate at guns.

No, Brilliant German Women are not strong."

On the Instagram account, among pictures of cats and food, we found many pictures of gun and ammo as well as a picture of the car that was used during the shooting tagged with Dagostino's admittance that the car belongs to him. The guns on his Instagram are similar to the one used in the shooting.


D'Agostino has been charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and is being held on a $75,000 bond. The normal bond for this type of crime is $30,000 but due to the admittance of additional shootings, the bond was raised. He is currently being held in the Harris County Jail and will appear in court on July 23.


The Harris County Sheriff's Office is asking for any information that can lead them to other victims of Dagostino. The crimes were not connected because they were committed so far apart that the shootings didn't seem to be related.


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