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Three Katy Families Spread Christmas Magic with Santa Mailboxes


December 6, 2023

By Natalie Cook Clark

Three Katy families go the extra mile to make the season more magical through giving Katy kids the opportunity to drop off letters to Santa. One family will deliver each letter to Macy’s to help Make-A-Wish Foundation and other families personally answer each Katy kid’s letter.

Photo credit: Cassandra House

Katy Families Go Extra This Holiday Season

Some Katy families go all out to make the season extra magical. Their “Santa Mailboxes” are serving a charity and even responding to Katy kids. Please note the drop-off deadline for each mailbox.

Letters for Make-A-Wish

20719 Park Bend

Nottingham Country

Photo credit: Cassandra House

"We learned about the Macy's Make-A-Wish campaign in 2018 and thought what a great fun way to give back and make memories," says Cassandra House, who lives in Park Bend in the Nottingham Country neighborhood.

For six Christmas seasons the House family has collected Katy kids Santa letters to participate in the Macy's campaign. They decided to set up their own mailbox to collect Katy letters to help families who couldn't make it out to the department store.

They encourage kids to drop off their Santa letters and wish lists in their special Santa mailbox. They will deliver all letters to Macy’s Big Red Letter Box on December 23. Macy’s will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish Foundation for every letter received up to $1 million.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes to critically ill children all across the United States.

The House family will deliver all letters they receive on December 23.

“We figured why not have some neighborhood fun while also giving back during the holiday season,” says House.

They encourage families to make this a fun tradition and even take pictures with their kids putting letters in the box. “We would love for everyone to come by and drop a letter,” says House.

"We have truly enjoyed seeing all the letters come in and learning how many people in the area have made it part of their Christmas tradition," says House.


A Personalized Letter from Santa

1810 Abby Aldrich

Williamsburg Settlement

Photo credit: Rachel Trevino-Camacho

Both Rachel Trevino-Camacho and her husband grew up with difficult childhoods.

“I grew up with a single Mom who was sick half my life and barely made ends meet,” says Trevino-Camacho. “She still made Christmas as magical as she could!”

This inspired them to not only make Christmas magical for their children but for all neighborhood kids as well.

In front of their beautifully decorated home in Williamsburg Settlement, the Trevino-Camacho family have a Santa Mailbox, where Katy children can drop-off their letters. Tim owns Camacho Creations where he is a local Carpenter/Contractor so he made the mailbox for the neighborhood and Katy community to enjoy.

To make Christmas magical for all, Rachel checks the box each day and responds to each letter with a return address. Each child also gets a picture of Santa AKA her brother in law’s Dad who is Santa in Minnesota. The deadline to get a personalized letter returned in December 18.

“We just want to share the spirit of Christmas with everyone,” says Trevino-Camacho.


A New Tradition

23706 Kingston Ridge Way


Photo credit: Julianne Marmol

Julianne Marmol and her family decided to start a new tradition this year by adding a “Santa Box” to their holiday décor.

“My husband and I decided to start this tradition because we want children and adults to continue feeling the Magic of Santam,” says Marmol. “We believe a handwritten note saying someone is proud of you can go a long way and can make a difference in someone’s life.”

Katy families that drop off a letter to Santa by December 17, 2024 will receive a response. Please include the child’s name a full address.

“All through the year everyone is so busy with work, school and day to day things but during the Holiday season everyone should slow down and connect with their inner child to enjoy Magic,” says Marmol.

The family can’t wait to see the response this year and hopes to continue this tradition in the future.


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