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Two Young Katy Brothers Publish Science Book


December 23, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

Inspired by their love for experiments, two young Katy brothers have published a book on science.

Stock and Spafford Martinez love science. Photo credits: Ashley Martinez

Katy Boys Publish Book

Stock and Spafford Martinez are 4 and 6 years old and already sharing their love for all things science. Last month, they published their book, The Scientist Brothers: Birds of a Feather.

Book Shares Love for Science and Sharing

“Both boys have an innate inquisitiveness for learning,” says their mom, Ashely Martinez. “Stock and Spafford were taught to stop and explore their surroundings, to have a respect and awe for nature and the way it works, and to further their learning with research within books.”

In the book, the brothers learn about some high-flying birds in a fun adventure where they also learn to share.

The book came from the growing popularity of their Instagram science videos.

“Since March, the boys have recorded ‘The Scientist Brothers’ videos and uploaded them to Instagram,” says Martinez. “In every video, each boy chooses a new animal, dresses up like it, and provides three facts on their animal based off of the learning and reading from books.”

The videos started out being highly anticipated by grandparents, friends, and their tutor. It was a way to connect through the pandemic.

“We had so much content and facts at our fingertips, so it seemed like the next logical step was to write a children’s book where we could weave together science and life lessons,” explains Martinez.

Be sure to look for the boys out and about around Katy.

“Stock and Spafford love exploring around Katy,” says Martinez. “You can find them fishing at the neighborhood lakes, birdwatching and ‘fossil-finding’ in the bayous, performing science experiences outdoors, or riding their bikes to their next adventure.

The Martinez family encourages learning through hands-on experiences and getting outdoors.

Stock is in Kindergarten at Alexander Elementary and Spafford is in pre-school at St. Peter’s Early Childhood Development Center. Both boys are attending in-person learning.

“We value education and appreciate everything teachers are doing for students – especially during these challenging times,” says Martinez.

The boys also love playing soccer and T-ball when not following their love of science.

Katy Mom Encourages to Make Learning Fun

Martinez encourages Katy parents to get involved and make learning fun for their kids. She recommends that if they have a true interest, to help them develop it into a book.

“If it’s something they’re passionate about, then getting content will be so much easier and fun,” she says. “I would highly recommend Kindle Direct Publishing. This platform makes independent publishing seamless and accessible.”

“We are proud to bring books into homes, while celebrating our boys’ special bond and interests,” says Martinez.

Follow the brothers on instagram at @stanky.and.sons.adventures.

Purchase or learn more about their book, “The Scientist Brothers: Birds of a Feather” here.


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