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More Stadium Name Nominations...

Here are the rest of the stadium name nominations just for fun.

By Ashley Lancaster | KATY MAGAZINE, September 2017

Who else was a nominee? Keep scrolling and find out!

Other Residents and Educators

  1. Bubba Fife Stadium

  2. Crystal Stadium

  3. Dennis Lemmons Stadium

  4. Esteban Stadium

  5. Gary Derks Stadium (pictured)

  6. Gail Land Stadium

  7. Hakeem Stadium

  8. Hightower Stadium

  9. James E. Taylor Stadium

  10. Mundy Stadium


Other Notable & Historical Figures

  1. Antonin Scalia Stadium (pictured)

  2. Bum Phillips Stadium

  3. Mayor Annise Parker Stadium

  4. William B. Travis Stadium


Katy Landmark Names

  1. Cane Island Stadium (pictured)

  2. Champs Stadium

  3. Katy Champions Stadium

  4. Katy Coliseum

  5. Katy Kingdom Stadium

  6. Katy Rice Field Stadium

  7. Katy Memorial Stadium

  8. Katy Outdoors Complex

  9. Katy Prairie Stadium

  10. Katy Rice Lands Stadium

  11. Katy Stadium

  12. Katy RR Stadium

  13. Katy ISD Stadium

  14. Katy Unity Stadium

  15. Katyland Stadium

  16. Katy Crosslands Stadium

  17. Katy Fort Bend Coliseum

  18. Katy Fort Bend Stadium

  19. Midway Stadium

  20. The Pride's Den

  21. Tiger Stadium

  22. Traditions Field


General & Other Names

  1. Veterans Memorial Stadium

  2. Mustang Ridge Stadium

  3. Eagle Stadium

  4. Foundation Field

  5. Fraternity Stadium

  6. Freedom Stadium

  7. Freedom Field

  8. Legends Stadium

  9. Rice Field Stadium

  10. Olympic Ring Stadium

  11. Residence Stadium

  12. Teachers Stadium

  13. Unity Stadium


*Statistics and information courtesy of Katy ISD Public Information Unit.

ASHLEY LANCASTER is the digital editor for Katy Magazine who can't wait to make new memories watching football under the lights at Legacy.


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