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Young Katy Actress Kyrie McAlpin Builds Her Star Power


November 2, 2020 By Katie Hire and Jennifer Miko

9-year-old Katy actress Kyrie McAlpin anxiously awaits the premiere of her new show Doug Unplugs. The animated series from DreamWorks Animation airs Friday, November 13 on Apple TV.

Photo: Debbie Porter Photography; Doug Unplugs, DreamWorks

Kyrie McAlpin is following her dream to be a big star. The self-assured nine-year-old from Katy has been working on the West Coast making her dream a reality.

On November 13, Kyrie's latest project, Doug Unplugs, airs on Apple TV. The animated program is based on the book series, “Doug Unplugged,” by Dan Yaccarinos. Doug is a curious young robot who journeys into the human world. Kyrie plays Doug's best friend Emma, who shares his adventures.

Kyrie has been hard at work on the animated series for a little over two years. She is currently in Los Angeles wrapping up season one.

“It’s really fun, a lot of hard work and I am the lead in the series!” says Kyrie.

A Star Is Born

“Kyrie was born with this talent, she has been a star from birth,” says her mother Kadene. “Kyrie started acting in her room and from that moment we knew she was made for this.”

At the tender age of four, Kyrie began her acting career. She was featured in several commercials and landed voice over roles.

“I am never nervous for any of my auditions because I am humble, confident, and the girl with many talents,” says Kyrie.

The young actress has been dancing since she was four years old. She learned ballet and tap at the Burbank Dance School as well as the Langham YMCA in Houston. Kyrie also dances hip-hop.

Kyrie’s parents and grandparents take turns staying with her in L.A. while she works on her various projects.

Film and Career

Young Kyrie has been building up her resume for the past five years. Most recently she was in Demi Lovato’s new music video “Commander and Chief.” She appeared in Netflix’s new show Sneakerheads (2020), contributed her vocal talents as a baby animal in the movie Dolittle (2020), and voiced a young Michael Burnham in Star Trek: Short Treks (2019).

Kyrie has also been featured in episodes of Netflix’s Astronomy Club (2019), L.A.’s Finest (2019), and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live (2019).

Dream Roles and Career Goals Kyrie aspires to be “the best actress in the whole world,” and admits, “My favorite roles are being the lead because I have more scenes, more lines, and more visibility.”

The starlet says her dream role is to direct, produce, write, and star in her own film.

“I have a passion for this business,” she says. 

Kyrie has already met quite a few celebrities while working in L.A. and on her various projects. One day, Kyrie hopes to work with Zendaya because she thinks she is a great singer and a great actress.

Her favorite celebrity and idol is Victoria Rowell, who played Drucilla Winters on the Young and the Restless. She admires her as an actress and ballerina.

“She is a great influence, and I want to be like her when I grow up,” says Kyrie.  What’s Next? Along with her new series premiering November 13th, Kyrie is hard at work on a confidential project. For updates on Kyrie’s career and upcoming projects follow her on Instagram here.


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