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14-Year-Old Katy Boy Shoots, Kills Sister's Boyfriend


December 1, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

A 14-year-old Katy boy fired shots at his home in the Williamsburg Hamlet subdivision Saturday evening, hitting his sister and killing her boyfriend. The boy is in custody but any charges are unknown at this time.

Shots Fired in Katy Home

Late Saturday evening, November 30, police responded to shots being fired at a Katy home at the 24100 block of Pepperell Place Court in Williamsburg Hamlet subdivision, not far from Robert King Elementary.

A Boy Shot Sister, Killed Her Boyfriend

A 14-year-old boy shot his sister, 18-year-old Briana Hernandez and her 20-year-old boyfriend. The boyfriend was pronounced dead at the scene. Hernandez was shot in either the upper torso or neck and is being treated at a local hospital. She is expected to live.

Authorities say there were about 10 teens and young adults in the home at the time of the shooting. The boy used a shotgun to shoot the victim. The parents were not home, and were traveling, at the time of the shooting.

Boy in Custody

The 14-year-old boy is in police custody. No charges have been filed and it's unclear what charges he could be charged with.

This is a developing story.


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