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Fort Bend County Now Allowing Bagged Debris: Just Announced


September 10, 2017

Fort Bend County Judge Robert Hebert has amended the debris permit with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and has verbal approval from FEMA to allow the County to pick up bagged debris.

"We are sorry for any frustration this has caused our residents; we heard you and have negotiated with the TCEQ and FEMA for an amended permit and a simpler process. As of 1:45 pm today, we have approval to haul bagged debris." says Judge Hebert, "If you have already bagged your debris, just leave it on the curb to be picked up. The crews today and tomorrow may not be able to get it since it requires different equipment to pick up bagged debris, but we will come by to pick it up later." As before, place household trash in your regular bin for pickup, as we cannot take household trash to the debris disposal sites.

If your cars are parked on the street the trucks will not be able to pick up your debris.

Please move your vehicles off the street so the trucks can pick up your debris.

Debris removal equipment will cover the affected areas of the county several times over the coming weeks. If your neighborhood has not seen the debris trucks yet, you will soon. If you are not able to get your debris to the curb yet, the trucks will be by a few more times to pick it up and haul it away. Remember that all debris has to be separated. The Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management has information posted on their website about debris separation; residents should check this flyer to ensure their debris is properly sorted so it can be hauled away as quickly and cleanly as possible.

If you need assistance cleaning your house after the floods, call CrisisCleanup at 844-965-1386 to request a volunteer team to come help you. If you are able to help your neighbors with cleanup, the safest and most efficient way to get connected is through Volunteer Houston, or another cleanup organization you may already have a relationship with. More information about getting help with clean-up or volunteering to help others with clean-up can be found at

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