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KATY COLD WEATHER ALERT: Know the Four P's for Staying Safe


January 12, 2018

Posted by Katrina Katsarelis

Know the Four P's of Cold Weather Readiness Another strong cold front is crossing into the Houston region now through next week. Temperature lows could fall into the lower 20's and may result in a hard freeze.

Overnight temperatures are expected to fall near to or below freezing each night so Katyites are advised to be prepared.

Colder temperatures may impact individuals displaced or affected from Harvey that are utilizing temporary or makeshift housing.

What you need to do: Remember the 4 P’s for preparing your home for Winter Weather PEOPLE: Keep your family warm and check on any elderly family or neighbors that may need extra blankets, winterizing their homes or a warm place to stay. PETS: Dogs and cats get cold too. Bring them inside at night to keep them healthy and safe. PLANTS: Either cover plants to keep them warm at night or bring them inside so they can flourish. PIPES: Cover exposed pipes to prevent freezing and breaks. Stay safe on the roads Here are some other important reminders:

DRIVE SAFELY: Check roads before heading out. If icy conditions are present, drive slower and give yourself extra stopping distance. Take extra caution on bridges and overpasses as they will ice quickly. PREPARE YOU CAR: Have a car safety kit and consider having a blanket and extra phone charger in case you are stranded.

SPACE HEATER SAFETY: Use electric space heaters with automatic shut-off switches and non-glowing elements. Remember to keep all heating sources away from drapes and furniture. POWER OUTAGE PREPARATION: Have a flashlight, extra batteries, portable cell phone charger, warm clothes, blankets and a weather radio in case power goes out. If it gets too cold, go to a public place like the mall or a library to heat up. STAY INFORMED: Check weather reports and local media for the latest conditions.

Thank you for Harris County ESD 48 for providing this vital information.

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