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Good Samaritans Stop Robbery in Katy Grocery Store Parking Lot


October 2, 2018

by Katrina Katsarelis

On Monday, October 1 at around 6:30 pm, a couple shopping at Kroger witnessed a crime in progress and call 911. The incident happened at the Southpark Cinco Ranch location at 25050 Farm to Market 1093 near Spring Green.

Crime in Progress

April and RJ Black pulled up and saw a suspicious man holding a black baton-type object walking in between cars and immediately called 911. The witnesses thought he was looking to break into cars but then watched as the man turned and started following a teenage girl approximately 17-18 years old. "Lots of people were around so he turned his attention to an older guy and followed him the opposite way," says April Black. "All of a sudden the suspicious guy gets in the older guy's face and pokes him with the item in his hand." RJ Black, got out of the car to intervene and heard the suspect say, "give me $25 or I'll kill you" to the older gentleman as he poked him with the black weapon.

Another good Samaritan rushed over and confronted the suspect while on the phone with 911, and a third unidentified man drove up to help as well.

Good Samaritans Detain the Suspect

One of the unidentified good Samaritans tried to take the weapon away as the suspect took off on foot. The good Samaritan then chased him and the man was detained by the group until the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Officers arrived. The weapon had been thrown by the suspect but was subsequently recovered by police. A witness described the weapon as a baton with a stun gun on the end.

Second Man Arrives with Child

According to the witnesses, a second man claiming to the the suspect's brother arrived with a female child around age four attempting to help the suspect. The second man was also arrested at the scene for having a gun in the car, and possibly for warrants. The child was put in the back of another police car and did not seem upset. Witnesses described the men as Hispanic and in their late 30s or early 40s.

Although Fort Bend Country could not locate details of the crime or release any info when we reached out, Kroger management did confirm heavy police presence at this location for 2-3 hours on the evening of October 1.

Major Chad Norvell of the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office said the suspect seemed to be in a mental crisis and was reportedly threatening people with a bat. He was taken into custody and then transported to a hospital for evaluation.

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