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Katy Police Seek Help from Eyewitnesses of H-E-B Purse Snatching


MAY 9, 2019

By Jennifer Miko

The City of Katy Police have asked that witnesses of the purse snatching at the Katy Market H-E-B on Tuesday to contact them with any information to help with this on-going investigation. Captain J. Martinez said the City of Katy Police are actively working on this case.

Purse Snatched from Inside the Store on Tuesday

After 2:00 pm on Tuesday, a woman shopping in the produce section of the H-E-B, at 25675 Nelson Way (near Pin Oak Road) in Katy, started screaming about her purse. Customers and employees of the H-E-B reacted quickly. They chased the man who had taken her bag from her shopping cart, as he fled the store. He dropped the woman's purse outside, where witnesses said he ran to his car and sped off. Fortunately, the victim recovered all of her belongings.

Suspect Description

Witnesses who observed the incident, described the suspect as a white male, approximately six feet tall with a skinny build. He was wearing dark colored shorts and dark shirt.

The H-E-B is working with the police to determine if they have surveillance video to help with the investigation. Witnesses at the scene did provide the officers with some images. However, Captain Martinez said the license plate came back with no record. He suggested that the plate numbers and letters in the photograph may have been unclear. Now, an analyst is reviewing the characters to see if there could be other possible combinations that lead to a positive match.

An Unusual and Bold Crime

Captain Martinez said this incident was unusual because it took place inside the store. He said these crimes typically occur when customers are unloading their groceries into the car.

“This one was a little more bold,” says Captain Martinez.

Don't Be A Target

Captain Martinez advises shoppers to be aware of their belongings whether they’re inside or outside of stores.

“Keep your purse, if you can, on you,” he says, “because we actually get lots of calls reporting thieves snatching purses out of carts, when people are unloading their carts into their trunk or backseat.”

“You always need to be vigilant, be aware of your surroundings,” Captain Martinez warns. “Try to make eye contact with people, don’t always have your head down.”

When you make eye contact with people, Captain Martinez explained, you’re actually looking at someone’s face and that makes you a better witness, because you could potentially provide a good description to police. Sometimes this could actually deter someone from victimizing you.

“The suspects are out there looking for people who aren’t paying attention. Try not to make yourself a target,” reminds Martinez.

Katy Police Asks For Your Help

Anyone with information about the incident, especially cell phone video or pictures of the suspect or the vehicle are urged to contact Captain J. Martinez directly at 281-391-4888.

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