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12 Inexpensive Family Activities to Create Priceless Memories


July 15, 2019

By Jennifer Miko

When the temperature outside is unbearable, turn your house into a fun zone. Gather the kids, and invite some friends, because Katy families can fill a sizzling summer break with cool adventures.

1. Movie Marathons

Transform your living room into a home theatre. Close the curtains, shut off the lights and grab the popcorn.

2. Board Game Blitz

Unplug and connect with old-fashioned board games. The classics like Life, Monopoly and Yahtzee can fill the hours with friendly competition.

3. Do a Good Deed

Clean out the closets and toy bins to donate to a local organization. If you haven’t worn it, and the kids haven’t played with something in the last year, it’s time to purge.

4. Arts and Crafts

You’d be surprised what keepsakes you can create with a little imagination and random supplies. Grab some yarn, card stock, popsicle sticks, beads, markers, paints and glue and have fun!

5. Scavenger Hunt

Create an indoor treasure hunt with hidden clues. To add some fun, have the kids complete a task or trick to get the next clue. Not that creative? Start with a simple round of “Hot and Cold” and set a timer to see who’s the fastest hunter.

6. Christmas in July

Now’s the time to tackle all of those Pinterest projects you saw last December and were too busy to tackle. Get out the old ornaments, glue gun and ribbons. Then turn on the holiday music to get in the spirit of the season!

7. Walk Down Memory Lane

Grab the old photo albums and scrapbooks and show your kids what mom and dad looked like at their age. This priceless trip back in time will bring your memories to life and give your kids a special look into your past.

8. Karaoke Concert

Country, blues, rock, whatever brings out your inner performer – grab a microphone (or a hairbrush to pretend) and turn up the volume because it’s showtime. Pick songs for each performer to add to the fun. Christmas carols and Disney tunes are a silly surprise that will surely get everyone singing along.

9. Trash to Treasure

Do you have items that deserve a last-chance upgrade? Re-purpose old t-shirts, decorate a boring mug, paint a mirror or picture frame to liven up your room, add flowers to a lampshade…the sky’s the limit!

10. Video Game Workout

Check the batteries in the game remotes and let the video games Olympics begin. Choose the most active and interactive games that have players jumping, twisting and swinging their way to the medal stand.

11. Act it Out

Don’t save classic games like Charades and Pictionary for a party. As few as four people can have fun playing these team games. All age and skill levels can participate too.

12. Bake Off

Everyone’s a winner in Cupcake Wars. The kids will learn kitchen skills while they bake and decorate their edible masterpiece.

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