Water Replaces the Stage at Upcoming Katy HS Theatre Performance


October 8, 2019

By Jennifer Miko

Why do the Theatre Directors at Katy High School have certified lifeguards at every rehearsal? The Technical Theatre students have constructed a large indoor pool to replace the stage for their upcoming production, and most of the actors in Metamorphoses will perform in the water.

The Katy High School Theatre Company continues its legacy of creating one-of-a-kind productions. Over the next two weekends, the company presents Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses, a collection of Greek myths told with a modern flair. Talented high school actors will perform in a large indoor pool, constructed by the KHS Theatre students.

“We enjoy challenging our student technicians and actors with all of the components that come with putting a pool in the Black Box," says Katy Tagliabue, Head Theatre Director. "Zimmerman encourages us to ask ourselves how love and life challenge us to change. Water, being a natural element of change, serves as the perfect setting for the show."

The cast and crew rehearsed for weeks before the pool was completed, and depended on the expert guidance of Katy Theatre’s Technical Director, Charlie Woods.

"He made sure everyone was taking every precaution to account for how the water would affect the movement of the actors, as well as the designs of the pool," says Tagliabue.

Costuming and makeup for the show presented more challenges because they needed to withstand the water as well as pool chemicals. Costumer, and former KHS Theatre Director Rachel Smith, conducted various tests to determine the durability of the materials.

Assistant Director Josh Hery says, “When it comes to this stage, you have to realize what works and what doesn’t, like having to adjust the blocking in the pool for the lifts.”

Metamorphoses is Hery’s seventh production with Katy Theatre. Next fall, he plans to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre at Stephen F. Austin State University.

“I’m loving every second of it - no one will ever do this show again,” Hery says. “People should come in the door to see the pool, and stay for the stories showing the classic and modern at the same time.”

KHS Theatre cast members rehearse Metamorphoses.

Woods has been teaching in the district for 23 years. He moved from Taylor High School to KHS in 2015 and has been challenging the students there ever since. In all of their productions, he says, the set, lights and sound are all student driven.

When asked what his greatest achievement has been as a teacher, Woods humbly answers, “When kids come back and say what they’re doing now is because of what they learned while they were here