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A Cinco Ranch Resident Deters Thieves Who Followed from Katy Bank; Wants to Alert Others


September 11, 2023

By Natalie Cook Clark

Neighbor security cameras caught a thief attempt to enter a Cinco Ranch resident’s vehicle over the weekend after it is believed that they followed them home from the bank. The Katy area continues to see similar juggings. Fortunately for this Katy resident, locked doors kept the thieves away.

Screenshot of footage shared by Ge Zhan.

Katy Resident Wants People to Know this is Happening

Ge Zhan of Cinco Ranch wants people to know his story. A jugging is a crime when a suspect watches for a customer at a bank and then follows them after they leave. Piecing together the events of last Saturday, Zhan believes that this happened to them. They were lucky.

I visited the Chase bank near Target Katy West,” says Ge Zhan. “After arriving home, my neighbor knocked on my door and informed me that someone from a blue Kia had attempted to open the door of my parked car in my driveway.”

Zhan had gone into the bank that morning to withdraw cash.

“It became apparent that multiple individuals with ill intentions had followed me from the bank to my house,” says Zhan. “I suspect that one of the criminals might have been inside of the bank watching us.”

Footage from a neighbor shows the vehicle appear to follow the Zhans into their Cinco Ranch section and attempt to open the door of their car.

“Fortunately, they didn’t get in as my car was locked,” says Zhan.

Local authorities warn Katy residents of crimes like juggings and give advice on how to protect yourself.

“If you’re going to withdraw cash, scan the parking lot of the bank for occupied vehicles when you arrive and when you’re leaving,” says Fort Bend County Constable Chad Norvell, Precinct 1.

Katy Residents Must Stay Alert

Katy residents need to stay alert the entire time they are at the bank and don’t hesitate to alert authorities if you feel something is wrong.

“If you see people just sitting there, alert the bank and don’t leave,” says Constable Norvell. “Don’t make any extra stops on your way home and watch for vehicles following you.”

Zhan did notify Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office about this incident. Since nothing was stolen, a crime didn't;t happen this time but Zhan worries that they will try again.

“I wanted to share the information to alert people in the neighborhood, particularly when returning from a bank,” says Zhan.


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