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A Pack of Possible Coyotes Threaten Katy HOA Board Member


November 21, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Memorial Parkway HOA board member was threatened by a pack of coyotes or wild dogs outside the Katy community’s club house recently. Authorities say it’s unusual for such dogs to engage with people but do caution residents because Katy shares land with many wild animals.

The coyotes from this story weren't photographed. Here is another coyote caught on film in another Katy neighborhood. Screenshot video credit: Shannon Hayes

Coyotes Acted Aggressively Toward Katy Man

Saturday night, November 12, 2022 Katy resident and Memorial Parkway HOA board member Paul Schmidt responded to a maintenance issue at the Memorial Parkway Club House. The bathroom had flooded, and he arrived after dark to attempt to turn the water off.

“I moved around the side of the house trying to figure out how to turn off the water when I saw two dogs rummaging through trash,” says Paul Schmidt, who has lived in Katy since 2010. The trash cans at the club house has steel lids so getting to the trash was no easy task for the dogs.

“The Two in front of me were showing teeth, snarling,” describes says Schmidt. “And then a third walked up. It was very much like something out of a movie.”

Fortunately, Schmidt had a flashlight with him and happened to switch the light to the strobe feature.

“That disorientated them, and they ran off,” says Schmidt, who called the police about the encounter.

Deputies with Precinct 5 Responded

Three deputies with Harris County Constable Ted Heap’s Office Precinct 5 showed up. According to Schmidt, he and the deputies both agreed that the dogs were most likely coyotes based on their described appearance and behavior, but this wasn’t confirmed as the dogs ran off.

Schmidt was appreciative of the deputies as they stayed to help him pick up the scattered trash that resulted from the dogs rummaging.

Behavior was Unusual, But Know What to Do

According to a Harris County Animal Cruelty corporal with Precinct 5, it’s unusual for coyotes to engage with people. The department states that if your do encounter a coyote or wild dog that is aggressive, it’s best to make noise and wave your arms.

Another suggested tip is to keep a noise maker with you if you plan to walk in an area where coyotes are known to frequent, like many Katy neighborhoods. An aluminum can with rocks or coins in it can work well.

“Most coyotes though will avoid humans if at all possible,” says Robert Henslee with Precinct 5. “If you see a coyote, just calmly steer clear of it.”

While coyotes and wild dogs typically aren’t a threat to people, they are a common threat to house pets.

Coyotes have been known to kill Katy cats and dogs and even take them out of the believed safety of their yards.

The only way to guarantee your pets safety is to keep it inside or have it on a leash when out in the yard. Another way to take precautions to deter coyotes and wild dogs from your yard.

How to Deter Coyotes from Your Home

  • Do not keep pet food outside.

  • Clean your grill after use.

  • Clear away potential hiding places.

  • Cover trash and recycling cans.

  • If composting, do not add meat or bones.

  • Keep small pets indoors.

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