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Attempted Katy Home Invasion Has Couple Warning Others


July 6, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Katy couple was terrified over the holiday weekend when someone broke through the glass of their front door and demanded to be let in. The attempted home invader retreated with cuts on his arm. They want to warn other residents.

Attempted Home Invasion in Green Trails Oaks

“He was trying to get in and even when he found out someone was home that didn’t make a difference,” says Jason Brady.

Jason Brady and his partner live in Katy’s Green Trails Oaks, just south of Harvest Bread Company on Fry Rd. Brady woke up around 3:00 a.m. Monday (July 5) morning when his partner screamed that someone was breaking in.

Suspect Punched Through Glass Front Door, Demanded to be Let In

A man had punched his arm through their glass door and was trying to break in. Brady has a home security system but not with a glass break detector, so the alarm never went off.

“He just kept yelling ‘open the damn door’ over and over he screamed it,” says Brady of the horrifying experience.

Brady made sure that the man knew they were home and calling police.

“It seemed very odd. I would have thought he would go away when he knew we were home but that didn’t make any difference,” says Brady. “It didn’t scare him away.”

Home Owner Called for Help

Brady immediately called 911 but says he was told that their computer system was down. Fortunately, he had the number for the Harris County Constable's Office Precinct 5 programed in his cell phone.

Harris County Precinct 5 confirmed that a call from Brady's residence was dispatched to their call center via 911 at 3:03 a.m. He stated that this doesn't take into account what happened moments before and that 911 can sometimes experience interruptions.

The man stopped and retreated Brady suspected because of his badly cut up arm and knowing police were in route.

Three deputies with Harris County Sheriff’s Office were on the scene promptly. According to Brady, they looked around and made sure that the man was gone.

Suspect Description

The suspect appeared to be alone. He was a Hispanic male, probably 20-25 years of age with curly, dark hair. He was around 5 foot, seven inches.

Harris County Home Evidence Backlog

Brady pointed out the suspects blood from the broken glass door. He was told that since the man actually didn’t get in there wasn’t much they could do. The deputies also didn’t collect any evidence.

“They have a 2-year backlog and weren’t going to collect any specimens,” says Brady. He questioned this and called later and got the same answer.

“They gave us a police report and that was that,” says Brady.

According to a Harris County official there has been a backlog in the Harris County Medical Examiner's office, but Katy Magazine couldn't confirm the length with the ME's office. Crimes such as rape, physical assault, and murder take the priority in regards to DNA evidence. At this time, DNA evidence from home incidents that are classified as a misdemeanor case (as this one is) cannot be accepted. While frustrating to homeowners it is the reality of the situation.

“We’re good,” says Brady. “We’re shaken but ok.” Brady and his partner spent yesterday replacing their door and going to visit family where they would get a gun.

“I’ll have protection next time,” says Brady, though he isn’t worried about this person returning.

Brady believes that the man was on something and thought he was at someone’s house that he knew like a girlfriend.

“I believe it is very uncommon for someone to strike twice so I’m not really concerned about that,” says Brady.

Loves the Safe, Quiet Green Trails Community

Brady has lived in his Green Trails Oaks home for a little over year and loved the community.

“This is a wonderful and safe community,” says Brady. “It’s extremely quiet.”

Brady believes it’s important for the community to know about what happened.

“Be safe,” says Brady. “And always watch your back.”

911 is still the primary number recommended to call during an active emergency. Still it is always smart for residents to have their local law enforcement agencies programed in their cell phones.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office- 713-755-6044

Harris County Constable’s Office- 281-463-6666

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office- 281-341-4665

Fort Bend County Constable’s Office- 281-238-1430


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