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CASTING CALL: Katy Moms and Daughters that are Extremely Close

Katy mothers and daughters who share a uniquely close bond can audition together for a new documentary.


Bodega Pictures, in conjunction with a major television network is producing a groundbreaking documentary series that profiles fun, fabulous, over-the-top and extremely close moms and daughters. They will showcase their one of a kind relationship and livelihood in a fun and feel good new series that celebrates the special mother daughter bond. This is the opportunity to take part in an brand-new and fun show with your mom/daughter, "bestie", GET PAID, and star in your own TV episode!

Casting directors are seeking nationwide for:

Moms and daughters who are extremely close:

- Is your mom/daughter your best friend in the whole world?

- Do you and your mom/daughter travel, live or work together?

- Has anyone ever thought that your relationship is "extreme" or "unusual?"

- To say that you two are, "close" is a major understatement?

- Do you have the exact same tastes, interests, and hobbies as your mother or your daughter?

- Do you two literally do EVERYTHING together?

- Are you closer with your mom/daughter than friends/family members and sometimes even spouses/significant others?

- Do you tell each other everything and hate it when you have to spend time a part?

- Are you at the center of one another's worlds?

If you answer "Yes"

Email: with a brief bio, full contact information, names & ages of mom & daughter and several recent photos and a casting team member will be in touch.

NOTE: Daughters must be at least 18 years old or older.


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