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Popsicles in the Park: A Sweet Idea of Compassion

How one mom's simple idea of sharing popsicles in the park raised $1400 for Creech Kids in a matter of a few hours

KATY MAGAZINE l October, 2017

Katrina Katsarelis

Photos by Tiffany Lanza

Jack, Sam, Nora, Oliver and Eloise with their popsicles. Photo by Tiffany Lanza

To the relief of Catherine Walker their home survived Harvey’s wrath. But when she saw all the displaced families and students, she knew she had to do something. “My husband and volunteered where we could, but I also wanted a way to involve the children,” When Walker saw the devastation around Creech Elementary, she felt called to help. Although she had no connection to Creech, her heart ached for the the kids who not only lost their homes, but also their school campus.

A simple idea comes to life

She began brainstorming with her three young children, ages 6, 4, and 2 on how they could help. “I think modeling compassion is so important,” says Walker. Her oldest son, Jack, a Kindergartner at Kilpatrick Elementary suggested a lemonade stand, and that idea turned into a popsicle stand, which ultimately became a community event called, "Popsicles in the Park."

Catherine and her son Jack at the park

Overwhelming generosity

The plan was simple. Rally lots of kids and parents and simply offer popsicles at the park for a donation. Kroger was kind enough to donate popsicles for the event which was held at Highland Park on September 7.

Walker started posting about it on social media and soon other moms were sharing the flyer and making plans to attend. Soon teachers at her son's school (Kilpatrick) jumped on board and the event had a great turnout. Attendees had to make a $1 donation per popsicle, but most people gave far more than that.Walker says she was touched by the overwhelming generosity and willingness to help Creech. "Some children brought money from their piggy banks and another person handed me $100 for 3 popsicles," says Walker. All in all, we raised $1400 for Creech 'University' and it was awesome to play a small role in that," says Walker.

Popsicles at the Park was held at Highland Park


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