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Cinco Ranch Family Brings Halloween House Extraordinaire to the Community


October 14, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy families are extra when it comes to celebrating the holidays. A British expat family has transformed their Cinco Ranch garage again into a family fun haunted house after a huge public reception last season. Katy families can start enjoying it this weekend.

The Oxley Family

British Family Wants to Give Back to Katy

The Oxley family has called Katy their home away from England for almost 6 years. Last year they turned their Cinco Ranch garage into a haunted house and the community came to their surprise.

See their family-friendly haunted house on Parsonsfield Lane in Cinco Ranch.

“Last year was a huge success, we had far more people show up than we imagined,” says Natasha Oxley. “So well that there was a line down our drive at times. Last year was very very DIY, with the black sheeting pinned to the ceiling of the garage, so we did have to go in and fix it occasionally. But this year Craig, my husband, has built walls and then stapled sheeting etc. which will absolutely make it sturdier.”

The Oxley family is going bigger this year and adding a circus theme to the front of the “house” and also adding a circus themed room inside.

The Spooky Fun Opens Today

The Oxley House opens for viewing this Friday, October 14 and will then be open every Friday and Saturday 6:00-8:00 p.m. They also be open Monday, Halloween night. It is free for families to visit the Oxley House.

“The whole layout is different this time and we have quite a few new animatronics,” says Natasha. “We have added the circus theme to the front of the haunted house and also added a new circus room within. The whole layout is different this time and we have quite a few new animatronics.”

The Oxleys have three daughters ages 2, 4, and 5 years of age. They came up with the circus theme.

“They wanted to dress up and my oldest two both said creepy clowns, so we went with that,” explains Natasha. The Oxley family has been at the Halloween store almost every weekend since it has been open in September.

This is a family friendly haunted house. The Oxleys say that there is nothing gory in the décor.

“Some of the new larger animatronics we have added ‘step here’ foot pads so those with very little ones can choose whether or not they want to activate them. That being said, all my girls love everything in there,” says Natasha.


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