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Coastal Prairie Conservancy Gets $50,000 Donation to Help Projects Benefiting Katy Nature Preserves


November 4, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Outdoor donated $50,000 to The Coastal Prairie Conservancy to continue their mission of preserving the Texas Coastal Prairie, including land in Katy. Preserved lands benefits flood mitigation, bird migration and community events.

The long-billed curlew can be found on the Katy Prairie Preserve. Photo by Greg Lavaty.

Over 30,000 Acres Conserved

The Coastal Prairie Conservancy (CPC,) formally known as The Katy Prairie Conservancy, has a land trust of over 30,000 acres conserved.

“The Coastal Prairie Conservatory and the Katy Prairie Preserve, continue the tradition of migratory birds and rice farming in the Katy area,” says Chris Harris, Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Katy. “CPC is a private land trust that had done so much to preserve land from development in the Katy area for the enjoyment of wildlife and people.”

Lands owned and conserved by CPC is protected from commercial development.

A group met yesterday at the Bass Pro Shop at Katy Mills Mall to celebrate the partnership. Photo credit: Chris Harris.

Land Benefits Flood Mitigation, Protects Water Quality, Provides Community Space

Ali Dodson, Advancement Director for Coastal Prairie Conservancy commented on the benefits that the conserved land has on the Katy community.

“Prairie grasses absorb and hold back floodwaters while capturing carbon and wetlands protect our water quality and quantity,” explains Dodson. “Wide open spaces also provide a place for our community to enjoy the benefits of nature.”

Nature Opportunities for Students, Families

CPC offers students and families hands on activities to learn about nature through their many nature focused events.

Katy families can enjoy kite flying, nighttime predator prowl, camp out to watch meteor showers, and more. One of their most popular events is the Astronomy Night, presented in partnership with the Fort Bend Astronomy Club. Click here to learn more and to schedule adventures.

The conserved land reaches just north of 529 in and around Katy and is a great spot for Katy families to get out and enjoy nature.

Partnerships with Schools

While CPC focuses on larger properties, they also partner with local school pocket prairies such as the popular Tiger Prairie near Katy High School.

Katy High School’s Tiger Prairie covers one acre of land located at the corner of Highway 90 and FM 1463. The nature-inspired area is used as an outdoor classroom for biology, environmental science, art, and nature photography.

The location is also available, when the school is not using it, for community use and is a popular photography location.

Learn more about The Coastal Prairie Conservatory, a nonprofit land trust dedicated to preserving coastal prairie, wetlands, farms, and ranches in Texas.

“Financial support from generous partners like Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Outdoor Fund allows us to leverage other philanthropic dollars and complete essential conservation and restoration projects on the Katy Prairie just outside of Houston,” says Dodson.


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