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Cooler Weather Brings Opossums Closer to Katy Residents


January 5, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy is no stranger to critters. Each year residents encounter snakes, wild hogs, gators, and more. Cooler weather can bring critters closer to Katy homes as they seek shelter in attics, garages, and even vehicles. However, many critters like opossums are beneficial to our community and should be treated with care.

Katy resident Larry Kessler spotted an opossum on his back patio. Photo credit: Larry Kessler.

Katy Newcomers Meet Katy Opossums

As Katy continues to grow, newcomers are becoming acquainted with our animal residents.

“Many people move in from the city and call in when they see coyotes, hogs, gators, and such,” says Fort Bend County Constable Chad Norvell. “Native wildlife should be left alone and they’ll leave you alone.

Opossums Benefit Katy

Opossums often turn up in Katy neighborhoods and have been guilty for rummaging through trash and even leaving a mess. Katy families have reported sightings of opossums on their patios enjoying a drink from a dog water bowl, taking shelter in an attic or even a warm vehicle. However, these mammals are very beneficial and deserve our respect.

Opossums are the only mammal that routinely dines on snakes (even poisonous ones.) They do not dine on your flower beds but rather eat pests that will destroy your yard.

According to the Texas Wildlife Center of Texas, opossums are resilient to diseases. They are even considered a “dead-end” host to rabies due to their lower temperature and the fact that diseases can’t spread effectively through them.

If an animal such as an opossum becomes a problem, reach out to local animal control or the Wildlife Center for ideas to help the animal move on.

Remove Food, Water to Discourage Visits

The biggest suggestion is to remove any food, water source, or home for any potential critters.

“They should not be live trapped or harassed,” says the Texas Wildlife Center of Texas.

If an opossum or other critter moves onto your property and becomes a problem notify animal control or reach out the Wildlife Center for help.

In most cases, displaced wildlife are more afraid of us than we are them. Take caution and if you need assistance call your local animal control or a professional.

Harris County 281-999-3191

Fort Bend County 281-342-1512

Waller County 979-826-8033


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