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Credit Card Skimmers Found in Katy Gas Station Pumps


October 10, 2018

Jennifer Lynn Greenway

The Texas Department of Agriculture is warning the public after three credit card skimmers were found on gas pumps at a Chevron gas station in Katy at W. Little York and N. Fry Rd on Tuesday morning.

The Texas Department of Agriculture, who regulates all fuel pumps in Texas to ensure drivers get the correct quality and amount of fuel, found the skimmers after a complaint from a consumer. The devices were taken by the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Skimmers are small devices that thieves insert onto ATM, gas station credit card terminals or any other payment terminals. It’s very easy for thieves to slip the devices on terminals that are out in the open. When a card is swiped the data is collected and later used for fraudulent charges.

The most recent versions of skimmers are Bluetooth that slip inside a machine so the public never sees them. The only way to locate is through going to the Bluetooth option on a cell phone.

See the video from the Texas Department of Agriculture below.

Experts advise following these tips to avoid having your credit card information stolen:

  • Use pump closest to store that is in view of the attendant

  • Before pumping, use your cell phone to look for unusual Bluetooth signals with IDs of a string of numbers and letters

  • Check that security tape on pump cabinet has not been damaged. Torn tape might indicate cabinet opened without store personnel's knowledge

  • Pay inside with cash

  • Always save the receipt and monitor your bank statements on a regular basis. Credit card skimmers don't always use your bank information immediately. It could be months later

If you think you've been skimmed or see a skimmer on a gas pump, notify the gas station and contact 1-800-TELL-TDA to request an inspection.


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