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David Temple's Fate Still in Limbo


May 6, 2018

By Jennifer Skelton

The murder of Belinda Temple is a crime that has been looming over Katy for more than 19 years. May 3, David Temple was back in court to ask the judge for a speedy trial.

In a case that has seen more twists and turns than a Texas roller coaster, State District Judge Kelli Johnson granted a continuance on the murder trial of David Temple but also scheduled the trial, should it occur, for either Nov. 2 or February 2019.

Defense attorney, Stanley Schneider, who is demanding a speedy trial and is refusing to agree to continuances. "We're disappointed that the trial court granted the state's motion for continuance," Schneider said after the brief hearing. "We want to go trial. David is innocent." A motion was filed to dismiss the case because David is not receiving a speedy trial, which he is guaranteed.


Belinda Temple was a beloved Katy High School special education teacher, mom to a 3-year old little boy, and wife of David Temple. At the time of her murder on January 11, 1999, she was pregnant with the couple's second little girl to be named Erin.

She grew up in Nacogdoches. After graduation, she attended Stephen F. Austin State University where she met David Temple. The two dated throughout college. After, they were married in 1992 and she moved to Katy, Texas (David's hometown).

Belinda was a devoted mother and teacher.


David Temple was a star athlete on the Katy High football team. He went on to play football at Stephen F. Austin State University where he met Belinda Temple.

David was a coach and teacher at Alief Hastings High School. From the outside, things appeared happy in his marriage and family life but after his wife was murdered, authorities learned that David was carrying on an affair with a co-worker, Heather Scott.

Although, David and Heather told authorties that their affair was new and didn't mean anything, they went on to wed a few years after the murder.


David was arrested in 2004 for the murder of Belinda. There was never a piece of forensic evidence connecting him to the murder. The case was a circumstantial one. The district attorney, Kelly Siegler, hoped that all the circumstantial evidence would add up to murder in the jury's mind.

The trial began three years later in 2007. To the delight of the prosecution and many who had followed this case for eight years, David Temple was convicted of the murder of Belinda Temple and sentenced to life in prison.


David Temple appealed his conviction to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. After losing two appeals, Temple was granted a new hearing to find out if he should have a new trial. Judge Larry Gist found that Temple's constitutional rights were violated because of the misconduct of prosecutor Kelly Siegler. To this day, Siegler defends her decisions in the Temple case.

Temple's attorneys argued that county prosecutors violated the law by withholding significant evidence about an alternative suspect and other information that could have cast doubt on his guilt...36 facts that the prosecutors should have turned over or turned over too late for the defense to successfully be able to analyze and use it.

Judge Gist's findings were only a recommendation and David would have to wait longer for the decision of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. In a split decision in November 2016, they agreed with Judge Gist. David's conviction was overturned and he was granted a new trial. David was released on bond in December of 2016.


Prosecutors have not decided if they will move forward with a re-trial. The special prosecutors were appointed after the Harris County District Attorney's Office recused the office, saying there were too many conflicts of interest with the district attorney Kim Ogg.

Evan Temple was raised by David's second wife, Heather. He maintained a close relationship with his father. They have led a private life but by all reports, Evan was able to have a normal, happy childhood the best he could due to the circumstances.

Belinda Temple's family still believes that David Temple is guilty of the murder of their daughter and her unborn daughter, Erin. David Temple's family supports him and believes in his innocence...they have gone bankrupt fighting for his freedom for 13 years.

The case is considered closed, but many think justice was not served and that the killer is still out there.


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