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Fond Farewell to the Royos; What’s on Tap for No Label Brewery?


As the beloved, community-minded founders of No Label Brewery prepare to move, Katy residents can’t help but wonder, what is next for No Label Brewery?

Photo: Lifetime of Clicks Photography

Brian and Jennifer Royo are packing up and heading west - to Carlsbad, New Mexico. The couple says the brewery does not demand as much of their time now. Plus, their two sons are getting older. Brian has accepted a new position as Project Manager for Christensen Building Group, and has already started there. Jennifer and the boys will join him after the school year finishes.

“We are looking forward to enjoying the outdoor living in New Mexico and a change of pace,” Jennifer shares.

The No Label Legacy Continues

Although the Royos may hear the desert mountains calling, Katy can rest easy knowing that No Label Brewery is here to stay. Planning ahead to hire more help and establish management made the transition much easier for the Royos and their staff.

“Four years ago, I was Sales Manager, Office Manager, Events person, etc. As we grew, we hired Sales Managers, etc. to help,” says Jennifer.

While Brian and Jennifer will no longer be involved in the day-to-day grind, they will still sit on the Board of No Label Brewery, ensuring their vision is followed through. Bringing People Together

Located on the grounds of the historic Katy silos, No Label Brewery began in 2010 and quickly grew to be a favorite Katy destination for date nights, family outings, charity events, or the place to just chill with friends.

Born of a desire to bring people together, Brian and Jennifer created the brewery with family in mind. Having two children of their own, the couple had not only a desire to cultivate a family experience for their customers, but they wanted the freedom to have their family at work, too. While they try to separate work and home life, it is not uncommon to see the kids running around the brewery grounds, or for business discussions to make their way to the dinner table. This “all in” mentality is the cornerstone of the Royos’ success.

Giving Back to Katy What started as small gatherings and tastings, soon blossomed into a seven-days-a-week, full operation. Like so many who are filled with the entrepreneurial spirit, Brian and Jennifer had strong desires to give back to the community that made them successful.

During Hurricane Harvey, the brewery served as a donation drop off site. The Royos said the response from the community was overwhelming. Eventually, many local charities found a home at No Label. with the Royos opening their doors for events like Graemes Run, Katy ISD Foundation Fireflies and Foodtrucks, and numerous other charitable and community endeavors.

The brewery's calendar is still filled with fun events for the community such as live music, food trucks, comedy nights, and painting parties, so the No Label Legacy will continue.

Not a Goodbye Leaving is never easy, but Jennifer offers assurance that this is not ‘goodbye,' simply a ‘see you later.’ When asked about their decision she said, “It was hard to make the decision to leave, but we were ready for a change in scenery. We will be making trips back frequently and promise not to be strangers to Katy!”


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