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Fort Bend County Constable Focuses on Illegal Street Racing, Efficiency, Community Relations


April 5, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Constable Chad Norvell just finished his first quarter in office and reports an improvement in overall efficiency. He continues to focus on the department’s role, foster relationships, and address major county concerns such as illegal street racing.

Precinct 3 vehicles now identify the neighborhood they serve. Photo courtesy: Constable Chad Norvell

First Quarter Success for Fort Bend County Constable

April wraps the first quarter in office for Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Constable Chad Norvell. He previously acted as deputy constable under now Congressman Troy Nehls and served as acting constable when Nehls was deployed overseas.

Numbers Show Improvements

Fort Bend County has seen improvements under Norvell, including an increase in warrants cleared and fines collected. The first quarter 2021 reports $82,210 warrants cleared/fines collected versus the first quarter of 2019 showing $57,893. The first quarter of 2020 wouldn’t show a fair comparison because of COVID closures.

Precinct 3 Fort Bend County Constable Chad Norvell

Constable Norvell says no county department should try to duplicate another. “That’s a waste of tax dollars,” he adds.

When taking office in January, one of Constable Norvell’s first orders of business was to change the look for the department. Now, the constables’ uniforms, patches, and vehicles look less tactical.

“We brought in experienced deputies and ensure deputies understand their roles,” says Fort Bend County Constable Chad Norvell. “37 of 51 deputies are contracted by neighborhoods.”

In addition, the names of the neighborhood served has been added to the deputies’ vehicles.

“This gives the deputies accountability and helps the residents know their deputy,” says Constable Norvell.

Building Relationships

Constable Norvell has also worked at building relationships with Katy ISD. The deputies now have access to Katy ISD key cards to assist in nighttime duties as necessary. If they need to access a Katy ISD building after hours they do not have to wait for an employee with a key card.

Fight Against Illegal Racing

Constable Norvell and the Precinct 3 deputies continue to patrol for and educate against illegal street racing. This continues to be a problem in both Fort Bend and Harris counties.

“It’s very dangerous and just doesn’t go away,” says Constable Norvell. “People need to understand that it’s not a ticket, they will get arrested. These people don’t seem to learn from their lessons.”

Constable Norvell warns his 18-year-old son about street racing and tells him, “Don’t get tempted because there are major consequences.”

Watch for Pedestrian Education

Constable Norvell cares about the public and is focusing efforts on pedestrian safety.

“Around the Cinco Ranch area, we’ve added crosswalks,” says Constable Norvell. “Pedestrians do have the right of way, but vehicles are heavy and we’re going to work on some pedestrian education and overall awareness before summer.”

According to Constable Norvell, Precinct 3 has received praise from neighbors for seeing their deputies more in the neighborhoods.

“We’ve required our deputies to do their jobs and do it well,” says Constable Norvell.

Be sure to stay connected with the Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Constable’s Office by visiting their websiteand Facebook page.


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